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The Trump impeachment.
I was awake at 4.00 a.m. as usual so I watched the Al Jazeera news for a while, the first news I saw was rat congress had voted to formalise the hearings into Trumps impeachment, while it was a fairly narrow win for the Democrats Congress obviously feel there's reasonable grounds for impeachment now..

I do wonder if the Russia business will be included in the hearings or not, my understanding is that this came about as a result of the Ukraine affair, no doubt congress now have an unredacted version of the Mueller report and no doubt have had time to read it all and see if there's a case or not, in my opinion he is at least partially responsible for the Russia business seeing he hired staff that had had dealings with Russia prior to working on his campaign..

I'd be interested to hear views from those folk who live in the US as you've possibly had more news about the hearings and what led up to them than we have being outsiders looking in.. I also wonder what makes son in law Jarod Kushner such a good supposed advisor to Trump, was that just giving jobs to family, or is he more intelligent than he looks?

Will Trump come out of this unscathed or will he lose his job as President? Your thoughts and views please..
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McConnel looks to be the only honest republican senator now it looks like he might lose his ranking in senate after havibg the fortitude to vote against trump.. at least he stood true to his oath which wasa good to see a pity none of the other republican senators had the balls to vote against trump now trump will likely get worse in my books
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a pity he wasn't found guilty but with a republican majority in senate he was going to get off at least hes on warning I guess
The mad baker bakes chip butties.

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