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Te reo. (The maori language).
I'm not 100% fluent in maori and every word and it's meaning, but I find I can sort of get by if I'm in the situation where I have to understand what's being said, and as long as the person speaking isn't talking too fast, I also have access to a maori/english dictionary if in doubt as to words meanings or pronunciation..

One thing I've found is that there's a lot of similarities between maori and Rarotongan, one big difference in Rarotonga is that they speak a lot faster, or can speak a lot faster than many Iwi, or tribes here in New Zealand..

Anyway, I thought I'd start this so some of the members who don't know any maori and would like to at least learn a few of the basic words and their pronunciation.. the way I'll try and explain the pronunciation will be the way I was taught by an elder in the south island who has now sadly passed on..

If anyone would like to know what an english word or words are in maori, I hope you'll ask in this thread..

Some words have been anglicised, the word 'Pakeha" which basically means "white man" is sometimes changed and the word "kiha" is used in it's place.. I'll add more examples when I think of them..

There's no real swear words in maori as such, so  there's no point asking for some so you can swear at someone in a different language, lol..
Love many, trust few, paddle your own waka.
Y"There's no letter "F" in the maori language, however if you see "wh" at the start of a word, or in a word then it's pronounced as an F in any word, Whakatane for example is pronounced as: fok ah ta ney.. If there's  a letter "R" in a word then it's rolled just as the Scottish roll their letter R in any words containing the letter..

One thing I've found a little confusing is that one word can have several different meanings depending on how it's used, there's a lot of examples of this so I won't attempt to list them all here, I will add different meanings in the translation thread as I add them though..
Love many, trust few, paddle your own waka.

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