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Brexit, a second referendum?
While I'm getting sick of hearing abut Brexit after over 3 years and the fact the British wanted to leave the EU back in 2016, I wonder if the UK government should hold a binding referendum asking the public if they want one of Theresa May's deals, Boris Johnson's new deal, a no deal exit or stay in the EU..

IMHO the public live in a democratic society, so they should get a say in which way they go from here, or stay.. After seeing all the protesting of late it looks like more of the public would rather stay in the EU now rather than leave, whether or not the deals reached to date has any bearing on that I don't know a lot of people seem to want a second referendum going by media reports, I feel it only fair it happens, especially as the divorce bill is going to cost several billion pounds of tax payer money once Brexit is finally finalised..

What's your thoughts, a second binding referendum or not and why or why not?
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