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Mount Eden prison, Auckland.
This prison houses some of the countries more hardened criminals and offenders of more serious crimes, many of the prisons population are repeat offenders or career criminals.

In more recent years the government contracted Serco to run the prison, but that ended in disaster. Many folk here feel, or felt Serco were a jack of all trades, but master of none when it came to running a prison, the government has now taken the contract off Serco and is running the prison themselves again.

Mt Eden has a wide range of prisoners, from murderers to thieves to rapists and paedophiles, the rapists and paedophiles have to be kept in a separate part of the prison as they do in any other prison, or they'd live very short lives once the other prisoners knew what they were in for.

I have been given a bit of a tour of this prison, to say it had some tough nuts in it would be an understatement, the place would be enough to have anyone considering a career in crime a change of mind pretty quickly, it scared the bejesus out of us in the short time we were visiting there and neither of us scare overly easily.
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