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The Mongrel Mob.
The Mongrel Mob consists of our maori youth, usually from broken or troubled families, as a result most go on to commit crimes, usually at first as part of the initiation into the gang, they have to do certain things in order to gain their patches.. Unfortunately by the time most prospects, ( possible members) get their patches, crime or breaking the law in some way has usually become the norm for most..

In the past the Mongrel Mob were usually responsible for starting trouble with other gangs or trouble in their neighbourhoods, so s a result they soon got themselves a bad name.. The crimes committed ranged from petty burglary right through to gang rapes and such.. A lot of members ended up in prison as a result, so the gang grew quite large in order to keep some control in their neighbourhoods.. They're a regional gang, so where ever we go in the country we'll see gang patches with the gang name and the region, where I am in Hawkes Bay the members usually have Mongrel Mob and Hawkes Bay on their patch.. Some older membrs may opt to have a patch with "Mongrel Mob" and "New Zealand" though..
Love many, trust few, paddle your own waka.

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