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The Hawkes Bay faultline.
Hawkes Bay has at least one faultline running under it, and it's close to if not right under Napier city.. As a result earthquakes are a regular thing here, and unless it's a big shake most of us seem to ignore them..

Deco Week was started after the major earthquake here in February 1931 when most of Napier city was demolished.. The quake itself was felt in places like Wairoa which is about 100 miles north and in Dannevirke about 100 miles south..

The faultline is one of several running up the north island from the greater Wellington region, one other faultline is slightly west of here, and I believe it runs up through Rotorua to Whakatane and White Island..

There was a lot of reclamation land after the 1932 quake, Hawkes Bay airport is on some of the land while the land around the airport now belongs to the local harbour board..

When Napier was rebuilt after the 1931 quake many of the buildings were rebuilt in the 'Spanish Mission' style, with a slight NZ hint about them, the buildings of course had to meet strict new codes before being built as the quake that hit in 1931 was about 7.1 on the Reichter Scale, so a lot of reinforcing was put into the new buildings..

Hastings, which is about 20 miles south also suffered a lot of damage, but while Napier lost almost all the buildings in the city, Hastings only lost about half their buildings, it did mean that new buildings there had far tougher building codes put on them, a lot of the buildings that remained either unharmed or got little damage had to be significantly strengthened..

A lot of the reclamation land in Napier has now been built on, I can think of at least four new biggish suburbs on reclamation land now, some of the other land is also now being farmed.. It took a lot of work to develop this land as the soil was of course very salty, so a lot of soil was dug off and replaced with good top soil so things like grass and plants would grow.. Most of the properties now look just as good as, if not better than many that were around before the quake..
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