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Global warming, fact or fiction.
We have the scientists telling us to cut down drastically on pollution as it's causing global warming, the strange thing is that they were telling us not that long ago the world has been through a couple of ice ages and then warmed up quite a lot again afterwards, so I wonder how much mans pollution is changing the weather..

I'll admit that our pollution isn't helping and that it could be contributing to global warming, but I also wonder if the world isn't still warming after the last ice age and our pollution is just speeding things up a bit faster?

Are we heading for a massive disaster they'd have us believe, or is it just a naturally happening event that we're speeding up? Will there be another ice age hit the world in time, or are we doomed?

What's your thoughts?
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the worlds had at least one ice age and warmed a lot after it our pollution aint helping things in my nooks its helping heat things faster and making the weather more extreme a pity big countries like America won't stop using coal and stay in the paris climate accord thing
things are happening to slow to stop pollution in my books we need less diesael and petrol cars now and more electric cars and syop the production of coal and stuff
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