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The 2015 flooding in Whanganui.
I've been in Wanganui when the rivers busted it's banks, luckily it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it is now.. With the city being on the west coast of the north island, and being coastal, with a river running north through the city, it leaves it open to flooding.. The river is a tidal river, so water levels go up and down depending on whether it's high tide there or not.. The other problem there is that if there's any decent amounts of rain up river, or north of the city, all that water comes down the river, then hits a high tide at the coast, it then backs up and floods the city..

Luckily they haven't had a spring tide there or any high tides would've been a lot higher, so instead of houses only getting water levels 3 feet up walls, it could've gone up to 5 feet or more.. The other problem there is sand bars just out of the river entrance in the sea, so those hamper the water flow out of the river a bit..

It hasn't rained there for about 3 days or so now, but some houses are still flooded and stormwater drains are still overloaded from all the rain and the extra water coming from miles up the river as well.. I remember when I saw minor flooding there it was over a week before things got back to normal and the clean up could begin in ernest, it then took about 6 weeks to get rid of the worst of the mud that was on a lot of the roads...
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