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Hawkes Bay.
With this country being so hilly, the weather varies a fair bit.. I'm on the coast of Hawkes Bay, but if I travel 40 odd miles inland towards either Taihape or Taupo I can get stuck in either rain, hail, snow or sleet, or even a combination of any two..

I've left home on a number of trips to Taihape and it's been a fine warmish fay for winter, but by the time I've got inland about 40 miles and got up ill a bit it's been snowing and sleety, I've also got the same thing on the trip to Taupo and have in fact just got through before the road got closed because of snow and black ice.. The odd thing was, it was a really nice day here..

I quickly learned that if I want to travel at this time of year to check road conditions and closures both the night before and on the morning of my trip, things can change quickly here, it can be fine at 8.00 p.m. and then by midnight or 1.00 a.m. the road can be closed, so it pays to have or know another route just in case..

The other extreme is road works later in the year, like from November onwards which can double your trip times, but that's another story even if we do get stuck in the car while it's 30 plus degrees celsius..
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