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A negarive fron the films being filmed in NZ?
One thing that annoyed a lot of kiwis was the fact that the films makers were given in excess of $70 million in tax breaks to film here.. This really flared up because kiwi film makers weren't being given the same tax breaks when they make films here in NZ..

I guess it was understandable really, if an overseas company can come in, get tax breaks and make the films, then so should the local film makers..

I remember filming almost didn't happen on 'The Hobbit' trilogy, the company backing Peter Jackson to make the films wanted higher tax breaks than they got, so there was quite a lot of wrangling going on between government officials and the film company staff for some time before filming finally got underway.. As things stand, I seem to remember hearing a figure of around $60 million in tax breaks just for the making of the hobbit trilogy which almost didn't get made here at all..

The government here finally decided that giving the tax breaks was a good idea as they'd get a lot more back in tourism revenue, but it was a close fought battle really, especially as local film makers, and a lot of the public were against a big overseas company coming in and getting millions in tax breaks while they got nothing...
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