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After having been on holiday in Fiordland I can see why this was used for some of the filming, a lot of the land there is owned by a government department called the ' Department of Conservation,' or 'DOC' for short.. The region gets by far the highest rainfall in the country, but the scenery there is in my opinion amazing.. The lakes there have the cleanest water going, we can easily see the fish swimming round on most days..

The landscape is varied, but one thing that stands out is the variety of trees and other greenery, the mix of wildlife in the region is amazing too.. It's a must see area if anyone ever visits the country, it may be remote there, and getting there takes a little doing, but the trip is worth it just for the scenery and wildlife.. It's not often we see clean untouched areas of land, but this is one of the few, and I think one of the best..

With DOC running the area as a national park, there's a few rules to abide by while visiting the area, but I feel that after first seeing the area, most, if not all visiting are happy to stick to the rules, in fact most tend to leave the area in slightly better condition than when they arrive..

They have an old steam boat called the 'Earnslaw' doing trips around one of the lakes there, the trip is well worth it even if it is a little expensive.. I haven't done the boat trip as yet, but who knows, one day I may win Lotto and get to have a good trip down there and do things like the boat trip..

If you watch the end of the last Hobbit film, you'll see it was filmed in Fiordland, the last several scenes were done there and show some of the scenery there, it kind of makes me proud to think we have such clean untouched scenery here in the country seeing the end of the film, surprisingly, none of the scenery was touched in the filming, they may have edited other things slightly, but the scenery was untouched seeing it looked so good...
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