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Gun control in the US.
Yet again some nutter with a gun has gone out and killed and wounded innocent people, this time in New York, I would've thought that after the massacre in Las Vegas where over 54 people were killed by another nutter with high powered guns the government would've decided enough is enough and finally taken steps to make i harder for people to get guns, and those who do have guns get regular checks to ensure the guns are safely stored and the owner is safe to own them..

It seems to me that by doing nothing the government is condoning the shooting of innocent people, okay, so the constitution says people have the right to bare arms, but if a person has psychiatric or other issues, then no, they don't have that right in my opinion as they pose a danger to both the public and themselves..

By not taking reasonable steps to ensure public safety and put in place reasonable gun laws the government is in my opinion as guilty of murder as the nutter with the guns who goes out and kills several innocent people as they're sitting back and letting it happen on an almost daily basis..

I feel the first step should be to stop campaign contributions to Congressmen, Senators and Presidential candidates from places like the NRA would be a good move, Trump alone got some $32m from the NRA for his Presidential campaign in 2016, so he's unlikely to do much to change any laws for fear of losing his next contribution next year for his second term as President, Senators and Congressmen are the same, so remove all contributions from places like the NRA and anyone who manufactures or sells weapons of any kind, maybe then some reasonable laws may be passed and the public at large will be a lot safer..

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with all the innocents being killed for no reason congress the senate and the president should all be charged with murder if they werent allowed to take campaign contributions from the nra or weapons makers then laws would be tightened trump got $34m from the nra for his 2016 campaign so he wont change anything or no money for 2020 election

with the government not doing anything to stop the deaths of innocent people they are as much to blame as the gunmen so charge them for manslaughter for not protecting the public
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