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The Mosques attack in Christchurch.
15 March 2019: Two mosques saw a gunman go in and kill 51 and wound 48 innocent people, there's still an air of shock and disbelief with who ever we talk to, a little country of 5 million people at the bottom end of nowhere that's always tried to help others, our troops have only gone overseas to help with medical aid rather than fight on the fronts with other countries troops..

I note our PM said yesterday that military style weapons will be banned here, I personally am not sure that's the answer, guns don't kill, people do, INO the laws around owning weapons need to be changed, if you want high powerd weapons then there should be random checks on owners by both police and psycologists if a person wants to keep weapons and their firearms licence, getting a firearms licence should mean tougher background checks and a psychiatric check to ensure a person is fit to own weapons..

I've watched the news on TV and online, the day after the massacre all the flower shops in Dunedin had run out of flowers, folk were buying them and going to Christchurch to remember the dead, they showed the flowers left by people at one location and there was thousands of bunches there within 48 hours, they were 70 to 80 bunches deep for possibly 200 metres in under 48 hours..

Parliament sat on tuesday and wednesday of this week, on tuesday they had an Imam and a few muslim representatives in the hose for prayers and to express sorrow at the event, wednesday saw a number of our MP's discussing the massacre and what could be done to help, the house has now risen until 2 April so MP's can go to their home towns, or Christchurch to help..

Our Prime Minister went to a Muslim gathering the day after the massacre to talk to the families and relatives and was then criticised the next day for wearing a scarf over her hair which is a muslim custom, I must admit to being disappointed in the critic or critics as she was showing respect by wearing a scarf..

I'll add to this over the coming days, but if anyone has questions or such, feel free to ask.. I would ask that no offensive comments be made though folks, muslims like christians are peaceful caring people and deserve our respect, they have forgiven the gunman, I'm not sure most of us could..
Love many, trust few, paddle your own waka.

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