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Trump and Covid 19.
I heard last night there'd been some 180,000 deatgs from Covid in the US to date, with the President appearing to do little to try and keep the number of deaths, and new cases down it makes me wonder why he hasm't been charged over those peopkes deaths, surely ir's his responsibility to set rules and such for public safety and ensure as few people as possible either get sick or die from Covid, from what news we've had here to date Trump seems to have done very lottle to protect the people he was voyed in to serve and protect, IMHO there should be some accountability on his part, and some case to answer seeing he's failed to set rules and such to protect the people he's there to serve and protect..

IMO his lack of axyion should lead to charges of genocide, by mot doing anuyjing he has effectively killed those 180,000 peope, a lot of those died needlessly because of his inaction, while we hope there;d be no deaths from Covid, I think a few were inevitable umfortunately, but the nunber of people who have died to date is IMO unnacceptable..
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