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Was the Covid 19 pandemic preventable?
The rumour mill has been running  well since Covid  went worldwide, one rue rumour was that China started it on purpose, Trumps tarrifs on China were blamed in the rumour we got here.. IMHO social media can accept some responsibility fr many of the rumours now doing the eounds, [eop;e love giving their thoughts onlune and making them sound plausible, I do wonder if the Chinse government would deliberately infect and kull thousands of their own people, and risk something becoming a pandemic, I believe there's now over 1.5 million people worldwide have died fron Covid, there's been over 160,000 deaths in America alone due in a larhe part to the governments inaction this far..

I wonder if Covid will be stopped, it'd be good o think  that both a vaccine and a cure will be found soon, there's not been anything to date, if a vaccine and/or cure aren't found soon the world coyld IMO risk bankruptcy in most countries as no one will be able to trade to pay off their increasing debts..

What's your thoughs, do you think Covid will be stopped siin, if so wgy, if notm why not?
Love many, trust few, paddle your own waka.
I also womder if most countries should be implemenying far tougher rules in order to try stopping Covid or not, it seems many countries are stikk recording high numbers of deaths and new infections dail, IMO most of the deaths and new cases should've slowed right down to almost nothing by now given Covids been ib a lot f countries so long now, Europe and the US were among the first to get Covid, so by righy=ts the nimbers should be down to nothing there..
Love many, trust few, paddle your own waka.

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