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Seeing matariki has just started I thought it appropriate to share a little about it.. Matariki, or the maori new year is always celebrated at about this time of year, and has been celebrated for hundreds of years.. If you go here it'll give you a better description of matariki than I possibly could..

The only thing that isn't mentioned there is that a maori academic has recently come out and suggested there are 9 stars, not the 7 history states in the matariki cluster, that has yet to be proven, I suspect many elders will argue the fact and say there's only 7 stars for quite some time to come.. I guess when somethings handed down through the generations no one will change their thinking on it until there's cast iron evidence saying history may not be right..

Anyway, I'll add more reading to this in due course, the link given will no doubt get you interested in Matariki, I hope it does anyway...
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