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Welcome to a Marae.
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This short video shows the welcome to Te Puia Marae in Rotorua, this is usually only part of what happens.. In the old days if the fern leaf hadn't been picked up by the visitor, he would've been stabbed with the warriors taiaha, or spear, it was meant as a peace offering, so to not pick it up meant you aren't there in peace and you would've been slightly dead, lol..

After all that you then get called on to the marae, usually by the women, once called on there's always the usual welcome speeches given by the chief of the iwi, or marae.. The visitors then have to introduce themselves and tell where they're from and such.. How long this takes depends on where you are in the country, some marae get things done quite quickly, others can take quite a while..

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In this video the wahine or lady explains the Powhiri or welcome onto the marae, it's a little daunting if you haven't been through it before, as is the above..

Once everything's over you're free to do pretty much what you like, as long as you abide by the local customs and such in the area..
Love many, trust few, paddle your own waka.

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