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Britain and the EU.
I see in the news Britain is negotiating with the EU to keep some of the trade deals they had before departing the EU I haven't read all the facts and such, but I would've thought now they're out of the EU they'd strike up new and hopefully better trade deals.. There's a lot of Commonwealth countries out there, Australia and New Zealand are but two of those countries, Britain was getting a lot of good cheap lamb from New Zealand, they could look at increasing trade there..

I wonder if Britain is a little.. silly wanting trade with the EU after leaving, or is there some method in the idea?
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reckon they should be negotiating new deals with the countries they want to trade with now theyve left the eu the problem is that the british ministers likely cant negotiate a good trade dea now seeing the countries been in the eu for 40 odd years the deals they had while in the eu should be made null and new trade deals made now reckon its a bit cheeky expecting to keep them now really
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