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Trump impeachment inquiry.
Well, after seeing on the news that Trump allegedly tried to get help from the Ukranian President, for information etc on Joe Biden, it looks like he may have a limited time in office if the Democrats find enough evidence to impeach Trump, it seems they've been waiting sometime for sufficient evidence to get him out of office.. I have to wonder if the transcripts of the phone call or calls to the Ukranian President have been some how edited before the White House handed them over to Congress..

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.. incident and whether or not you think it'll be the end of Trumps time as President, if anyone who lives in the US has any extra news we have yet to see or hear about I'm sure we'd all like to hear about it, although I suspect the worlds media have covered the story pretty well to date..

If Trump is impeached, I wonder what everyone thinks about Pence and whether he'd be a better or worse president than Trump's been to date? I personally haven't seen very much about Pence in the news, so I'm a little reluctant to form an opinion of him either way..

So, is this the end for Trump or will he survive the inquiry unscathed? Is he still the Teflon king, or has the teflon warn out?
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yea trade off guns for a check up on the biden family and do it from a white house phone were calls are recorded a freakin dumb move hope the democrats to pin him then maybe folk like stormy daniels can get him in court for the affairs dunno why dunnys wife is still with him knowing hes had several affairs
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