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The Wars on video.
The following linkĀ  will take you to a page with five episodes of the NZ Wars done by a man named James Belich who also did a fairly comprehensive book on the wars and won awards for his work. I haven't watched this series myself, but I did watch a series he made for television here some years ago which I think was fairly well done, in my opinion he did a good job of presenting the facts as he saw them, this series of 5 episodes should be well worth watching.. I hope you get time to sit back and watch, just remember to turn off your screen saver first, or turn it back on once you've finished watching the videos.. Enjoy..

Link to Belich's NZ Wars.
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I might add that James Belich was a lecturer at both Victoria University in Wellington and at the University of Auckland and later on promoted to Professor of history at Victoria University.. While a few may have disagreed with his work at the time he did his book and TV series no one has come out with anything to refute it to date, so he must've got things right, or pretty much so..

Link about Jim Belich.
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The following video is about one of the last wars here which was in 1916, Jim Belich who is a Professor at Victoria University in Wellington both wrote and presented this video.. It's about 45 minutes long so you might want to turn off the screen saver for it.. I don't remember if this was part of the series he did for TV here or not, but it's an interesting story none the less and quite violent too, it may help explain why the maori battalion weren't used in some battles during WW2, but that's another story..

With this land war being in 1916 the government of the day was obviously more concerned about helping with WW2 with NZ being a commonwealth country, our troops had already been in some major battles on the war front, so the gvernment had it's hands full helping the British and allies during WW1, so a war at home was the last thing they needed.. It may have proven to be good training for those troops who were gong overseas to fight in the great war, assuming they survived the war at home of course..

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The stories of Ruapekapeka is a video about another par of the wars here, I may watch it myself later as I've not seen this yet, at least I don't remember seeing it.. It may also show some of the sneaky tactics used by the Maori in order to try and win a battle..

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The following link has 5 videos presented by James Belich who was a professor at Victoria University in Wellington, Belich did a series made for TV which had more episodes than is in this link, from memory the TV series contained about 12 one hour episodes.. If I can find more I'll add them as I find them..

Hopefully you'll find these interesting, if you have young children watching, it may be a good idea to explain that these are history, they may not show excessive violence but it is discussed in the videos..

Link to Belich's NZ War videos.
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