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Topic titles.
you fix it so we can make topic titles longer? ran out of space just before it cut off a bit of what i put in there
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I checked on the support site after looking round out in the back room for quite some time, it seems the thread title limit can't be changed.. There was one guy who had a code to increase it, but only to 120 characters which is still not enough in some cases.. I must admit to having an aversion to adding codes as those with slower internet speeds would be affected by codes being added to the site..

If we get a long title on say a news item we think may not fit in the thread title it'll have to be edited down in size, that's not difficult with some news sites as they tend to have very long winded titles for their news items, so much so we almost don't need to read the article after reading the title..

Sorry folks, but the title length is one ting that can't be changed our end, hopefully one day the powers that be may change it so we have the option to change it, sooner rather than later hopefully..
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