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NZ's voluntary euthanasia bill.
I'm watching our parliament TV at present and was pleased to see our voluntary euthanasia bill passed it's third reading today and passed by 64 votes to 51 votes, for some reason 4 or 5 MP's didn't vote either way..

This now means that those with terminal illnesses can opt to end their lives should they get to the point they're living in severe pain and may only have a few months left, at least now those folk can pass with some degree of dignity and not have to put up with the severe pain some illnesses inflict..

From what I saw there's a number of checks to be done, a doctor will have to ensure the person was in a fit state of mind to make the choice and also ascertain whether or not the person was coerced into the decision, it looks to me like there's a few checks and balances in place without making things to hard to acheive for the terminally ill person..

IMHO I'm glad the bill has been passes at last, it's a pity it wasn't law some 21 years ago when my mother, bless her passed from cancer, or 15 years ago when my partner passed from secondary cancer as they may have opted for it rather than suffer through the last few months of their lives, both were given 3 months and it was some 11 months before they passed after a lot of suffering toward the end, at least others out there now have help should they want it now though..

What's your thoughts on ending your life in this sort of situation, do you agree with it or disagree?
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