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Domenica’s Kiwi-irish Trifle.

800 mls cream, whipped to soft peaks
100gms icing sugar
150 mls crème de menthe
Green food colouring (optional)
Sponge or madeira cake
4 feijoas peeled and sliced
4 kiwi fruit peeled and sliced
Peppermint crisp or chocolate, grated, for garnish


Add the icing to the crème de menthe and fold carefully into the cream, try to leave a marbling effect, if adding colouring, do so at this stage.

Cut out circles of sponge to fit the glasses that you are using, and allow two sponge discs per glass, you can drizzle a little extra crème de menthe if you so desire.

In the bottom of each glass place some kiwi fruit slices, followed by a little of the cream mixture, then place a sponge disc on top, follow with a little more cream and then repeat the process with the feijoa.

Finish the second process with a layer of cream on the top and decorate with grated chocolate or a peppermint crisp.

Yummy served with biscotti.
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