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The good morning/afternoon/evening thread.
Morena everyone, I hope you have a good day..

We've been on level 4 for Covid 19 for 3 weeks today and now I'm about out of chores to do I'm quite ready to be allowed to get out and about a bit mre than we have been, we've only been allowed out if we need groceries, to get meds from the chemist or a short walk within our neighbourhood each day, a lot of parents are no doubt getting a little stressed having the children home too, especially as a lot of people are working from home at present, interruptions from the ids would be getting a little.. annoying now.. There's still talk of our going down to level 3 on 22 April, but a lot of the level 4 limits will still be in place when we drop a level, the kids may be back to school on 29 April which IMHO is a little soon seeing young childrens immune systems aren't very good.. Our new cases of Covid 19 are dropping a lot now, so hopefully we'll be safe for kevel 3 and the kids going back to school, I'm not sure they wouldn't be better continuing getting classes at home for a little longer though..
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