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The good morning/afternoon/evening thread.
Morena everyone, I hope you have a good day..

The drought goes on here, we haven't had any significant rain since early last November, as a result the water restrictions continue to be really tight here, no using garden hoses or the car wash at the local service stations, if pools weren't full before the water restrictions there's no filling them now, the worst thing is we aren't allowed a barbecue because of the fire risk, at least we live near the coast so we can get to the beach for a swim and get fish & chips for lunch id we're to lazy to take a picnic, there's a few good rivers here, sadly there's precious little water in them at present, the ones that are usually over 8 feet deep only have enough water for us to get our feet wet.. Sad.. Yhe surprising thing is that our council is over 15 years behind on finding new water supplies so the population is growing, but no new supplies to keep up with demand.. If the weather clears by lunch time I may get a ride to the beach and get a shady spot to sit in..
Love many, trust few, paddle your own waka.

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