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The good morning/afternoon/evening thread.
Morena everyone, I hope you have a good day..

Another sunday is upon us already, it feels like it should still be christmas, it's a bit scary how fast the time goes these days, I guess being constantly busy sees the time pass faster, I tend to be doing things even while watching a film on TV, I'm noy one for sitting idle I guess, never have been, time enough to rest when we're in the wooden box eh..

I may take a look at the AlJazeera news shortly and see if there's any new news about Trump, the last I saw was that he had Bill Clintons prosecutor defending him in his impeachment trial, the guy lost the case that time, that makes me wonder if he'll lose this case too..
Love many, trust few, paddle your own waka.

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RE: The good morning/afternoon/evening thread. - by Sandy - 01-19-2020, 08:57 AM

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