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The good morning/afternoon/evening thread.
Morena everyone, I hope you have a good day..

I was just looking at the calendar to see when our daylight saving starts, it'll be on 6 October this year, so 3 weeks from yesterday will see us getting longer evenings, from memory it's now about 50 years since daylight saving started here in NZ, possibly a good thing given that sunrise here where I am would be about 4.30 a.m. without daylight saving, that'd possibly have a lot of kids up super early in the mornings now and driving a lot of parents nuts, lol..

Hopefully seeing it's a new week I can get more done in the NZ wars section here, a lot of the tactics used by the maori I already knew about, I am finding a few new tactics though, I hope everyone finds the section as interesting as I do.. Smile
Love many, trust few, paddle your own waka.

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RE: The good morning/afternoon/evening thread. - by Sandy - 09-16-2019, 10:39 AM

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