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Site rules.
I'm not too keen on vast amounts of rules, but there are a few things I won't allow, so here they are.

1/Any registration of accounts via a proxy server or mobile device will not be accepted by staff in this forum.

2/ Absolutely no spamming is allowed.

3/ If you disagree with a comment, DO NOT attack the poster of said comment, voice your opinion politely and leave it at that.

4/ Porn of any kind IS NOT allowed. If you want to post, talk porn, then I suggest going to another forum.

5/Excessive bad language WILL NOT be tolerated. I don't mind a little mild swearing, but anything excessive will be deleted and a possible ban given.

6/ I would like this to be a friendly forum, so to that end I ask that you treat all members the way you would like to be treated, , that is with courtesy and respect.

7/ Please keep your posts seemly folks, there may be someone with their children watching over mum or dad's shoulder and reading the posts in here, I'm sure none of us would want a 7 or 8 year old reading some of the elicit posts out there.

8/ These rules may be added to or amended at any time by the forum staff.

9/ If you have any doubts about whether or not you should post certain Zetaboards Terms of Use TOU and check or ask a staff member.

10/ The health forum, this has had to be password protected as some members prefer to talk about their health issues with other members they know, the talk often gets a little personal, so we have decided a 100 post limit be put in place so we can all get to know new members before they gain access to the health forum. Please don't ask for the password before you have at least 100 posts in other forums as an answer may offend.

11/ Only one account per member is allowed. If it is found that a member has more than one account, the second and subsequent accounts will be deleted by the forum staff and the member concerned may get a temporary ban.

12/ If at anytime an account is accessed and used by anyone other than the account holder, said account holder will be banned until such time as the account is once again secure. It is also a breach of service to have more than one account per user. Bans will be imposed if deemed necessary.

13/ We operate a 3 strikes and you're out rule here. After 3 warnings about breaking the guidelines you could be banned,permanantly.

The forum rules may be amended, added to or altered from time to time if the staff deem it necessary.

Enjoy yourselves here and remember to have fun.
Love many, trust few, paddle your own waka.

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