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Where were the films shot?
There was a number of different locations filming took place, for Hobbiton the filming was done in Matamata which is about 2 hours south of Auckland.. The whole site is still in tact and is no doubt a real tourist attraction.. The hobbit homes would be a real sight to see..

For the shots in the gardens of Isengard, River Anduin, Osgiliath Wood, Rivendell and 'Paths of the Dead, the filming was done in Wellington, our capital city..

Chetwood Forest and Dimrill Dale filming was done in the Nelson area, a great scenic part of or country and on the top centre part of the south island..

Fom Nelson we go to Canterbury which is mid way down the east coast of the south island for filming of scenes for 'Edoras'..

After that it's on to the McKenzie Country which is southern Canterbury for filming of the Pelennor Fields..

The Southern Lakes are in Otago and were used for filming 'Ford of Bruinen, Gandalf's ride and was used for Middle earth panorama shots..

Fiordland Southern Otago was 'River Anduin' and Fanghorn forest shooting..

If you'd like to read a little more about the above, GO HERE and have a little read..

It's not mentioned on the above link, but all the scenes where we saw the cast going through snow and over snow covered ranges was filmed down south in central or southern Otago and is real New Zealand landscape, as was all the snow, Otago gets a lot of snow during winter, especially the higher areas, so no snow making machines were needed to make snow as there's snow in abundance down in the region...
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