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Champagne Ham Glazed With Apple And Cinnamon.

2 litre clear apple juice
1 whole Champagne ham, (on the bone) skin removed
2 cups calvados
10-15 cinnamon quills
4 tart apples
1 cup lime oil
2 lime, zest
2 tbsp chives, chopped
2 tbsp sage, chopped


Reduce the apple juice from 2 L to about 100 ml by simmering for about an hour.

Remove an excess fat from the ham the pump with the calvados via a syringe.

In each of the …. syringe holes, place a cinnamon quill leaving about half the quill exposed.

Slice the apples as thinly as possible to resemble wafers and layer over the ham to resemble fish scales.

Pour the reduced apple juice over the apple and place the ham into a moderate oven (170c) for about 2 hours.

Heat the lime oil, zest, sage and chives once the ham is hot and nicely glazed.

Remove the ham from the oven. Pour the hot oil over the ham and serve.
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