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Shoutbox. - Sandy - 10-20-2019

After a lot of hassles and finally some help from someone over in the support site, we now have a shoutbox.. You'll find it near the bottom of the index page just under the Affiliates section.. If you only see "Shoutbox" showing as I did, click on Shoutbox and that will expand it so you can shout, enter a message and hit the Enter key on your keyboard..

At present there's no limit on the message size, but I will be looking at setting a limit in the next day or two..

I hope you like it.. Smile

RE: Shoutbox. - Sandy - 01-24-2020

I've now changed the permissions so everyone except any future banned members can post in there, I haven't set a character limit as yet so no posting thread sze posts in the shoutbox please or I'll have to add a limit on shout size..

RE: Shoutbox. - Sandy - 01-29-2020

Just to let you know the shoutbox now has a 300 character limit which I'm thinking of dropping further once it's open to guests and validating members..