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Full Version: What speeds do you get?
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Ping 15 Download 104.91 Upload 25.68

Ping 15 Download 104.67 Upload 27.30

Day 432 of this ISP and 32 days since changing from VDSL to fibre, I love fibre, it's a lot faster and clearer..
Ping 15 Download 104.60 Upload 28.90

Ping 15 Download 104.37 Upload 25.21

Day 433 and very similar to yesterday, I'm not sure why the pings jumped from 7 to 15 though, when I first got fibre 5 weeks ago the ping was always between 5 and 7 ms, still I'm not to worried by it as long as the speeds stay where they are..
Ping 16 Down 97.56 Up 29.66

Ping 16 Down 104.86 Up 28.54

Day 435 of this ISP, this was the first morning since 26 July when I got fibre I got a test under 100 Mbps down, I hope it was only because I did a full disc clean and a defrag just before turning off last night, these tests were the first thing I did after turning on this morning, Firefox was open too, they say to close everything before doing speed tests..
Ping 15 Download 104.99 Upload 26.74

Ping 15 Download 104.87 Upload 31.02

Day 436 and I think I like fibre, less waiting for pages to load or emails to send.. I was going to get the 900 Mbps down, 400 Mbps up option, but that costs about $25 a month more so I'll stick with this for now and see if fibre prices drop over the next year with more folk getting it..
Ping 13 Download 99.41 Upload 34.25

Ping 15 Download 104.71 Upload 20.96

Day 437 of this ISP and only the second day I've had a test under 100 Mbps since getting fibre on 26 July, it seems fibre speeds are mre constant at present, hopefully it'll stay the same as more folk get fibre..
Ping 13 Download 104.84 Upload 25.30

Ping 13 Download 104.79 Upload 26.64

Day 440 and very close to getting 105 Mbps down this morning, it'd be good to get over 195 Mbps once at least..
Ping 16 Download 100.15 Upload 29.42

Ping 15 Download 104.68 Upload 30.04

Day 441 of this ISP and the speeds are down a little this morning, maybe the kids were doing last minute homework checks online and a few mums were on Facebook etc as well, I did the tests a little before the kids had to head off to school..
Ping 15 Download 102.61 Upload 26.04

Ping 15 Download 104.68 Upload 31.36

Day 442 and I've been thinking it strange how the upload speeds vary so much, I'm not going to complain though, I like fast.. Smile
Ping 13 Download 103.58 Upload 32.14

Ping 13 Download 104.39 Upload 23.86

Day 443 of this ISP and the upload speeds are still way better than they should be, I'm not complaining though, I've still got a few biggish files to send off, they'll send faster at these speeds.. Smile
Ping 15 Download 104.59 Upload 34.60

Ping 16 Download 104.86 Upload 33.53

Day 444 and still wondering if I'll get 105 Mbps down, it's very close to it at present..
Ping 13 Download 104.43 Upload 26.42

Ping 15 Download 104.57 Upload 31.36

Day 445 of this ISP and I'm still wondering why there's such a difference in the upload speeds, I'd expect 1 or possibly 2 Mbps difference either way, but not 5 Mbps, still I'm not going to complain, it's good having the faster speeds..
Ping 12 Download 104.75 Upload 30.82

Ping 13 Download 104.53 Upload 22.41

Day 446 and very close to getting 105 Mbps on the down speed on the first test.. I might find out why the up speeds vary so much on fibre, I'd expect it to change by about 2 Mbps depending on how busy the net is, but not by 8 Mbps which is a big difference especially given these tests were done about 1 minute apart..
Ping 15 Download 104.60 Upload 21.12

Ping 14 Download 104.75 Upload 30.14

Day 447 of this ISP and a 9 Mbps difference in the upload speeds this morning, if I was on either ADSL or VDSL there'd only be a difference of about 2 Mbps, that was caused by the net being either busy or quiet, not that many folk have fibre at present so possibly we're getting better speeds because of it, hopefully it won't slow to much once a lot more people get fibre..
Ping 11 Download 104.62 Upload 24.47

Ping 11 Download 104.61 Upload 25.13

Day 448 and the speeds are all similar this morning, I was expecting a big difference in the upload speeds again too..
Ping 11 Download 104.42 Upload 28.59

Ping 11 Download 104.30 Upload 28.86

Day 449 of this ISP and slightly slower this morning, maybe a lot of the kids are inside on Facebook and such instead of being outside.. When I was a kid many moons ago we couldn't wait to get outside and play on a fne day, the kids these days don't seem happy unless they're online or texting their friends, it doesn't seem very often I see kids these days outside and playing like we used to, sad really..
Ping 9 Download 104.35 Upload 26.22

Ping 10 Download 104.62 Upload 23.09

Day 450 and it loos like a lot of kids may be online while mum and dad have their sunday morning lie in seeing the speeds are a little slower than usual..
Ping 10 Download 104.53 Upload 26.62

Ping 11 Download 104.44 Upload 20.04

Day 451 of this ISP and the second test saw me get the slowest up speed since getting fibre on 26 July, hopefully it was a one off thing and the speed stays higher..
Ping 11 Download 104.44 Upload 20.59

Ping 10 Download 104.72 Upload 20.12

Day 452 and the up speeds are slower than usual this morning, maybe more folk than usual are online at present.. :S
Ping 11 Download 104.54 Upload 27.96

Ping 11 Download 104.48 Upload 19.52

Day 453 of this ISP and a big difference in upload speeds again, Usually a difference like that affects the download speeds when the net gets busy, the up speeds should only vary by 2 Mbps at most.. :S
Ping 10 Download 103.75 Upload 26.05

Ping 11 Download 104.88 Upload 31.08

Day 454 of this ISP and another big gap between the 2 up speeds, that sort of gap should only happen on the down speeds and only if the net gets really busy..
Ping 10 Download 104.35 Upload 23.50

Ping 11 Download 105.67 Upload 32.42

Day 455 and another big gap between the 2 upload speeds, I'm not sure why it fluctuates so much, maybe my ISP;s software isn't very good at regulating the speeds.. :S
Ping 9 Download 104.29 Upload 21.82

Ping 11 Download 104.84 Upload 26.15

Day 456 of this ISP, usually the lower the ping the better the speeds should be, it seems to be working in reverse for fibre here.. :S
Ping 11 Download 104.11 Upload 24.46

Ping 12 Download 104.77 Upload 26.08

Day 457 and the speeds are similar this morning, it is sunday, so maybe the kids are all online while mum and dad sleep in late.. Sad ally, we have nice days at present and a lot of the kids would rather be inside online than outside playing games or visiting with their friends..
Ping 11 Download 104.77 Upload 28.04

Ping 11 Download 104.90 Upload 25.78

Day 458 of this ISP and very close to getting 105 Mbps on one down speed this morning, one day it'll happen.. Smile
Ping 11 Download 104.55 Upluad 27.73

Ping 10 Download 104.69 Upload 30.05

Day 459 and a difference in the up speeds again, I'm wondering if it's my ISP's software or the speed test isn't 100% accurate..
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