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Full Version: What speeds do you get?
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Ping 12 Down 104.89 Up 20.63

Ping 12 Down 104.57 Up 20.72

Day 632 and about right this morning, just slow upload speeds as usual..
Ping 16 Down 100.93 Up 21.02

Ping 16 Down 104.65 Up 20.95

Day 633 of this ISP and slow again, possibly because I was late testing again this morning..
Ping 16 Down 104.57 Up 20.45

Ping 17 Down 104.45 Up 20.90

Day 634 of this ISP and normal down speeds this morning..
Ping 20 Download 103.63 Upload 21.03

Ping 21 Download 104.54 Upload 21.09

Day 635 and a slower morning seeing it's the weekend..
Ping 16 Down 102.20 Up 5.36

Ping 40 Down 104.70 Up 14.04

Day 636 of this ISP and a really slow morning on the up speeds, I think the modem etc may need a reboot..
Ping 16 Down 102.21 Up 20.97

Ping 16 Down 104.67 Up 20.95

Day 637 and almost normal this morning, not bad given a lot of folk are working from home at present..
Ping 20 Down 100.89 Up 20.98

Ping 21 Down 104.15 Up 20.97

Day 638 of this ISP and a slow morning, not surprising given we got raised to level 3 yesterday, no doubt folk are checking the governments websites now so they're up to date on Covid 19..
Ping 20 Down 98.49 Up 20.43

Ping 21 Down 104.28 Up 20.32

Day 639 and slow again this morning, I suspect a lot of mums are online checking the health department websites while dad is working from home rather than risking going to the office..
Ping 19 Down 104.41 Up 21.00

Ping 18 Down 101.74 Up 20.70

Day 640 of this ISP and another slow morning, the next month or so could be slow with us on level 4..
Ping 40 Down 105.26 Up 11.63

Ping 64 Down 104.94 Up 7.92

Day 641 and the up speeds are under half what they should be, not sure why, I've rebooted the ONT and modem so they aren't the problem, possibly it's just the nets a bit overloaded with most folk being stuck at home, a lot of folk may be checking the health department and government sites for updates on the Covid 19 too..
Ping 20 Down 104.60 Up 21.03

Ping 20 Down 104.55 Up 21.03

Day 642 of this ISP and things are all but normal as of when I did these tests, it is the weekend, so mums and dads at least may have been staying in bed a little later with only essential businesses open these days, no one working from home today of course..
Ping 20 Down 104.26 Up 21.01

Ping 20 Down 104.45 Up 20.99

Day 643 and almost normal speeds this morning, not bad considering.. At one point yesterday the country was using something like6 terrabytes of data a second which for a population of just under 5 million people is a lot of data to use, most businesses are in semi lockdown, the office staff are working from home, so they're patching into work servers to do their jobs as are a lot of the dads out there, so I'm a bit surprised to still be getting the speeds I am given schools are also closed until further notice..
Ping 20 Down 104.46 Up 21.04

Ping 20 Down 104.51 Up 20.96

Day 644 of this ISO and near enough to normal as of these tests, things may slow a bit soon with so many folk home and schools closed..
Ping 20 Down 104.47 Up 21.02

Ping 20 Down 104.55 Up 21.04

Day 645 of this ISP and near enough to normal which is surprising at present with a lot of folk home or working from home and all schools being closed..
Ping 17 Down 105.15 Up 21.09

Ping 16 Down 1-4.08 Up 21.02

Day 646 and pretty much normal this morning which is rather surpring given a lot of folk are home and schools are closed indefinitely, a lot of folk are working from home now and online shopping has gone up big time too..
Ping 19 Down 105.59 Up 21.00

Ping 16 Down 195.57 Up 20.97

Day 647 and better than normal this morning which is odd these days, I'm not complaining though..
Ping 17 Down 105.01 Up 21.02

Ping 19 Down 104.48 Up 20.99

Day 648 of this ISP and a good test this morning, I did these tests at 9.15 a.m. which is when the nets usually busy, I suspect all the mums and dads working from home have less to do know seeing this is day 9 of our lockdown so they're having a break from being online so much..
Ping 19 Down 105.15 Up 20.80

Ping 19 Down 104.46 Up 20.98

Day 649 and a good morning again, we're on day 10 of our lockdown now, I suspect a lot of folk may be getting sick of staying home and being online to stay occupied, us kiwis like being outdoors and doing, not shut inside for prolonged periods of time..
Ping 17 Down 104.00 Up 20.95

Ping 17 Down 104.27 Up 20.98

Day 650 of this ISP and normal speeds this morning, it is sunday morning, so folk are likely stating in bed a bit later..
Ping 19 Down 104.50 Up 20.95

Ping 17 Down 105.08 Up 20.99

Day 651 and pretty good speeds considering how many people are stuck at home at present..
Ping 17 Down 100.93 Up 21.02

Ping 18 Down 105.23 Up 21.07

Day 652 of this ISP and it looks like a busier day than usual online..
Ping 16 Down 104.33 Up 20.97

Ping 17 Down 105.27 Up 20.82

Day 653 and surprisingly normal this morning, no doubt things will start slowing a bit soon with so many folk working from home at present..
Ping 16 Down 104.33 Up 21.02

Ping 17 Down 104.58 Up 20.99

Day 654 of this ISP and close enough to normal at present, no doubt things will slow later again with so many parents working from home at present, I noticed the speed drop yesterday morning, it was really slow from mid ,orning onwards..
Ping 12 Down 104.16 Up 20.99

Ping 12 Down 104.50 Up 20.93

Day 655 and a little slow this morning which is surprising given it's easter friday here and no ones working, with it being cold the kids may have got up before mum and dad and started playing online games..
Ping 20 Down 107.31 Up 20.68

Ping 21 Down 104.63 Up 21.07

Day 656 of this ISP and better than normal speeds this morning, rather surprising given we're still on level 4..
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