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Full Version: What speeds do you get?
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Ping 20 Download 104.44 Upload 20.99

Ping 20 Download 104.46 Upload 21.10

Day 607 and a bt slow again this morning..
Ping 20 Download 100.07 Upload 21.03

Ping 20 Download 104.57 Upload 21.07

Day 608 of this ISP and another slow morning, I suspect the kids are online while mum and dad have a sleep in seeing it's sunday morning and a lot cooler than it has been..
Ping 24 Download 107.55 Upload 21.05

Ping 24 Download 104.64 Upload 21.16

Day 609 and about the 26th yest of 105 Mbps or better on the down speed, not sure why the up speeds are still slow though..
Ping 12 Download 103.91 Upload 20.97

Ping 13 Download 104.43 Upload 20.87

Day 610 of this ISP and another slightly slow morning, the up speeds used to be 10 Mbps faster, I'm hoping to get that back..
Ping 20 Download 100.22 Upload 21.01

Ping 20 Download 104.56 Upload 21.02

Day 611 and another slower morning, I'm wondering if the weather can affect the phone lines, more so the heat, I know storms can have an affect, but I wonder if the heat we've been getting can affect things or not..
Ping 16 Download 102.30 Upload 21.02

Ping 39 Download 104.03 Upload 21.02

Day 612 of this ISP and another slower day, I suspect the speeds are dropping because more folk are getting hooked up to fibre while it's free, as far as I know they start charging for the swap from copper to fibre in either september or october this year..
Ping 16 Download 104.35 Upload 21.05

Ping 16 Download 104.44 Upload 21.02

Day 613 and almost nrmal this morning, still wondering if the up speeds will get back closer to 30 Mbps again though..
Ping 12 Download 102.48 Upload 21.10

Ping 13 Download 104.45 Upload 20.94

Day 614 of this ISP and another slower morning, it is saturday so the kids may be paying online games and such..
Ping 12 Download 101.20 Upload 20.77

Ping 12 Downjoad 104.23 Upload 20.71

Day 615 and another slower morning, maybe the kids beat mum and dad out of bed and are playing online games seeing it's a cooler day..
Ping 12 Download 104.05 Upload 20.90

Ping 12 Download 104.40 Upload 20.98

Day 616 of this ISP and another slightly slow morning, I was late testing so all the schools and businesses were likely online when I did these tests..
Ping 16 Download 103.79 Upload 20.98

Ping 17 Download 104.80 Upload 21.01

Day 617 and a little slow, especially on the up speeds for some reason..
Ping 16 Download 104.49 Upload 21.09

Ping 16 Download 104.23 Upload 20.99

Day 618 of this ISP and another slow morning, maybe the school kids were online briefly before school getting the last of their homework done..
Ping 12 Download 104.55 Upload 21.01

Ping 12 Download 103.47 Upload 20.82

Day 619 and almost normal down speeds, not sure why the up speeds have dropped by 10 Mbps though..
Ping 16 Download 103.69 Upload 20.96

Ping 16 Download 104.58 Upload 21.03

Day 620 of this ISP and a little slow again this morning, I was later testing than usual so all the businesses and mums are possibly online answering emails and such which will be taking up bandwidth..
Ping 11 Download 104.49 Upload 20.98

Ping 12 Download 104.47 Upload 20.78

Day 621 and still slow up speeds good to see the pings back where they should be though..
Ping 12 Down 104.78 Up 20.68

Ping 12 Down 104.42 Up 20.84

Day 622 of this ISP and the down speeds are okay, as are the pings, I think why the up speeds have dropped by 10 Mbps is possibly because of the DLM gear in the exchange which checks our speeds and adjusts things automagically if they're either to fast or slow..
Ping 12 Download 101.11 Upload 20.86

Ping 14 Download 104.71 Upload 20.85

Day 623 and a bit slow again this morning, I think a lot more people in my area have fibre now compared to when I first got it over 8 months ago, the connection to fibre from copper is free at present, but after the end of the year if folk want fibre they pay to get it, so most people are getting in as soon as the fibres ready in their street..
Ping 12 Download 104.65 Upload 20.81

Ping 12 Download 104.72 Upload 20.87

Day 624 of this ISP and good down speeds, the up speeds are still 10 Mbps slower than they used yo be..
Ping 12 Download 104.63 Upload 21.09

Ping 12 Download 104.54 Upload 20.92

Day 625 and the pings and down speeds are okay, the up speeds still about 10 Mbps slow though..
Ping 16 Download 104.94 Upload 20.95

Ping 18 Download 104.20 Upload 21.01

Day 626 of this ISP and normal down speeds, it looks like the up speeds may be at this speed to stay after being 10 Mbps faster when I first got fibre..
Ping 12 Download 101.08 Upload 20.88

Ping 12 Download 104.54 Upload 21.01

Day 627 and a bit slow this morning, possibly because I was later than usual doing the tests, so more folk were online..
Ping 15 Download 100.63 Upload 20.08

Ping 16 Download 105.16 Upload 20.70

Day 628 of ths ISP and not sure why the first test was so slow, maybe I did it at the end of a lot of folk leaving their computers on overnight downloading and the downloads finished between the first and second tests..
Ping 20 Down 104.05 Up 20.92

Ping 20 Down 104.52 Up 21.04

Day 629 and a better morning, no doubt all the kids are online now seeing mum and dad will be in bed late this morning..
Ping 15 Down 102.35 Up 21.07

Ping 16 Down 104.37 Up 21.03

Day 630 of this ISP and a bit slow again this morning, maybe the school kids were online briefly finishing research for their homework before school..
Ping 16 Down 102.16 Up 21.00

Ping 16 Down 104.88 Up 20.97

Day 631 and a little slow this morning, possibly because all the businesses and mums that are home are online now..
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