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Full Version: What speeds do you get?
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Ping 11 Download 104.91 Upload 24.12

Ping 10 Download 104.77 Upload 22.79

Day 460 of this ISP and so close to getting 105 Mbps on one of the down tests, it's so close I might call it as 105 Mbps.. Smile
Ping 10 Download 104.55 Upload 31.82

Ping 11 Download 104.58 Upload 35.40

Day 461 and another gap between the up speeds, the strange thing is that the down speeds should vary that nuch between busy and quiet times online, not the up.. :S
Ping 11 Download 106.51 Upload 31.73

Ping 11 Download 102.62 Upload 29.79

Day 462 of this ISP and finally the 105 Mbps on the down speed was got, I didn't think it'd ever happen, the joys of being close to the local cabinet means better speeds than we're told we can expect.. Smile
Ping 10 Download 103.49 Upload 31.89

Ping 11 Download 104.70 Upload 29,47

Day 463 of this ISP and after getting the 105 Mbps down yesterday at last the speeds are a bit more settled, I'm enjoying the faster speeds though, I would've got the 900 Mbps down and 400 up plan, but that costs about $20 a moth more so I'll settle for this happily enough..
Ping 10 Download 105.06 Upload 29.37

Ping 10 Download 104.54 Upload 23.33

Day 464 and the second 105 Mbps down speed, I may have beat the kids online this morning, it is sunday morning though, folk are likely sleeping late this morning..
Ping 12 Download 104.60 Upload 24.70

Ping 10 Download 104.71 Upload 24.49

Day 465 of this ISP and pretty steady speeds this morning, possibly because I was later than usual and the internet was starting to get busier..
Ping 10 Download 104.17 Upload 31.49

Ping 9 Download 104.67 Upload 12.50

Day 466 and my up speeds are wonky this morning, the second is a good 10 Mbps slower than it should be..
Ping 9 Download 104.35 Upload 23.20

Ping 11 Download 104.57 Upload 26.73

Day 467 of this ISP and back to normal after yesterdays drop in the up speeds, yesterdays tests were a lot later than usual, so maybe the fibre network was busy, I know they were finishing putting fibre down for my street a week ago, mayne one of the techs was fiddling in our cabinet getting things ready for more folk and unsettled things a little..
Ping 19 Download 104.53 Upload 21.35

Ping 10 Download 103.96 Upload 20.50

Day 468 and the up speeds are a little slow this morning, I hope they pick up as I've got a couple of biggish files to send off sometime today..
Ping 11 Download 104.52 Upload 28.00

Ping 10 Download 104.88 Upload 24.40

Day 469 of this ISP, seeing the up speeds are up I may send at least one file off to it's rightful place and possibly do the second as well..
Ping 11 Download 104.66 Upload 20.85

Ping 11 Download 104.91 Upload 28.14

Day 470 and almost a third 105 Mbps on a down speed, I'm supposed to get upto 100 Mbps on the down and upto 20 Mbps on the up, with my being pretty close to my cabinet the speeds are usually better which I'm not complaining about, gotta loves da speed.. Smile
Ping 10 Download 104.31 Upload 28.06

Ping 10 Download 104.65 Upload 22.47

Day 471 of this ISP and it looks like the kids are up before mum and dad and online seeing it's a wet morning and a little cooler out, a pity the kids these days keep in touch via things like Facebook or text message rather than walk a few doors down the street, still on a bad day the net is handy..
Ping 9 Download 104.95 Upload 17.56

Ping 9 Download 104.80 Upload 23.79

Day 472 and I think the modem and ONT need a reboot, the up tests are getting a bit low.. Very close to getting a fourth 105 Mbps on the down speed again though, a reboot may see me get that fourth 105..
Ping 11 Download 104.33 Upload 29.06

Ping 10 Download 104.73 Upload 23.58

Day 473 of this ISP and the up speeds are quite different again this morning, there shouldn't be a gap that big on the down speeds which will drop a little if the net gets busy, at least the up speeds are okay at present which is good as I've got another smallish file to send off shortly..
Ping 10 Download 105.05 Upload 26.72

Ping 10 Download 104.64 Upload 29.29

Day 474 and the fourth 105 Mbps at last.. I notice there's a difference in the up speeds again, that big of a difference should be on the down speeds, and only when the net goes from quiet to busy or vice versa..
Ping 10 Download 104.66 Upload 25.95

Ping 11 Download 104.08 Upload 19.73

Day 475 of this ISP and a higher ping means a slower speed this morning, strangely it's not always the case here even though the techs keep saying higher ping, slower speeds..
Ping 10 Download 104.49 Upload 35.32

Ping 11 Download 104.78 Upload 23.34

Day 476 and another big gap between the 2 up speeds this moring, both tests were done within a minute of each other too..
Ping 10 Download 105.03 Upload 26.78

Ping 10 Download 104.35 Upload 22.59

Day 477 of this ISP and the 5th 105 on the down speed, maybe I got in just before all the kids got online with that test.. It's saturday morning and not so warm today, so the kids may be online rather than outside getting some excersise..
Ping 9 Download 309.27 Upload 29.05

Ping 11 Download 103.59 Upload 23.43

Day 478 and I'm not sure what happened with the first test, I'm only supposed to get 100 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up, that was 3 times faster than it should be, it looks like my ISP's software may have slipped a gear..
Ping 10 Download 104.33 Upload 26.27

Ping 10 Download 104.64 Upload 19.38

Day 479 of this ISP and after getting yesterdays big jump in the down speeds things are settled again, still surprised with the gap om the up speeds though..
Ping 11 Download 104.22 Upload 25.58

Ping 10 Download 104.59 Upload 30.51

Day 480 and another big gap on the up speeds, I should only get a gap like that on the down speeds when the net gets busy..
Ping 10 Download 104.72 Upload 25,39

Ping 11 Download 104.68 Upload 31.66

Day 481 of this ISP and another 6 MB gap on the up speeds, I may give the modem and ONT a reboot shortly, that may fix things..
Ping 10 Download 104.55 Upload 19.86

Ping 11 Download 104.80 Upload 19.93

Day 482 and my up speeds are a bit slow this morning, I still haven't rebooted the modem and ONT, I was going to do that a few days ago but got side tracked along the way..
Ping 11 Download 102.21 Upload 25.64

Ping 11 Download 103.35 Upload 31.46

Day 483 of this ISP and another gap between up speeds again.. A pity I've still got 10 months left on my contract with this ISP, I saw an advert on TV last night offering an unlimited plan that's some 9 times faster than mine for $20 a month less, I'm all for saving a little money at present.. Sad
Ping 10 Download 104.38 Upload 26.58

Ping 11 Download 104.53 Upload 24.93

Day 484 and reasonably even speeds for a change this morning..
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