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Full Version: What speeds do you get?
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Ping 8 Down 101.92 Up 20.84

Ping 9 Down 104.46 Up 20.85

Day 682 and a slow morning, maybe work and school from home started early this morning..
Ping 8 Down 103.11 Up 21.11

Ping 9 Down 104.52 Up 20.88

Day683 of this ISP and almost normal this morning, I've put in for an increased speed plan a short while ago and dropped the home phone, I can't hear to use the phone so may as well put that money towards an increase in speeds and rely bon the mobile phone which I can use to sebd text messages or get online with.. Sould have the increased speeds by tomorrow evening knock on wood..
Ping 7 Down 104.65 Up 21.05

Ping 8 Down 104.51 Up 20.94

Day 684 and normal this morning, it is saturday, so less folk working from home and no kids doing their school online.. Hopefully this time tomorrow will see me with a bit of an increase in speeds which I'm looking forward to..
Ping 5 Down 163.58 Up 202.65

Ping 5 Down 156.30 Up 105.63

Day 685 of this ISP and day 2 of faster fibre, a pity there seems to be a fault with the modem though, I should now be getting 900 Mbps down and 400 Mbps up.. My ISP is sending a new modem now after spending a lot of time chatting online with them and doing various things to make sure if there's a fault here or not, oh how I wish the change had been simple and no hassles for a change..
Ping 5 Down 107.43 Up 133.55

Ping 7 Down 108.94 Up 87.5-

Day 686 and day 3 of fast fibre, after discussions with my ISP they're arranging for a new modem to be sent out to me, my speeds should be 900 Mbps down and 400 Mbps up, it's just over a ninth of that on the down speeds at present.. Sad
Ping 5 Down 174.87 Up 187.56

Day 687 of this ISP and day 4 of supposedly super fast fibre, still awaiting a new modem, once that's set up hopefully I'l get the 900 down and 400 up I'm supposed to be getting..
Ping 6 Down 130.06 Up 158.13

Ping 8 Down 124.82 Up 141.75

Day 688 of this ISP and day 5 of super fast fibre, still no new modem, so instead of getting 900/300 speeds I'm getting the above..
Ping 5 Down 122.12 Up 149.18

Ping 10 Down 116.91 Up 147.35

Day 689 and day 6 of supposedly super fast speeds which are getting slower.. The new modem arrived yesterday so I'll set it up shortly, hopefully after that I'll get my 900/400 speeds..
Ping 6 Down 120.68 Up 150,25

Ping 7 Down 125,42 Up 152.54

Day 690 of this ISP and day 7 of supposedly superfast fibre.. After getting a new modem and setting it up yesterday I'm still no closer to getting the 900 Mbps down and 400 Mbps up, it looks like it's time to moan to the ISP again.. Sad
Ping 9 Down 99.95 Up 136.32

Ping 8 Down 87.83 Up 128.77

Day 691 and day 8 of the super fast fibre, strange the speeds from the exchange to my modem are 900/400, but much slower on the tests, going to have a moan to the ISP shortly, especially as I'm paying extra to get the faster speeds..
Ping 7 Down 161.80 Up 205.51

Ping 6 Down 154.56 Up 205.72

Day 692 of this ISP and day 9 of supposedly fast fibre, after spending over 2 hours on my ISP's stupid chat yesterday I got told they sent a wrong cable with the new modem, as a result I can't get the fast speeds, they even suggested I go into one of their stores and buy the correct cable that they should've supplid with my new mdem, beepin cheek.. Decided to go back to the slower fibre after all that..
Ping 7 Down 102.26 Up 21.07

Ping 6 Down 104.61 Up 21.00

Day 693 and I'm back to getting my old speeds, my ISP expected me to go buy a new cable for the modem when they should've supplied it so I could get super fast fibre, I told them to swap me back to these speeds seeing they couldn't supply all the right cables, their loss as it was going to cost me an extra $30 a month to have the faster speeds..
Ping 6 Down 101.41 Up 21.07

Ping 7 Down 104.57 Up 21.00

Day 694 of this ISP and day 3 back at my old spees, I haven't rebooted the modem and ONT yet, possibly why the speeds are a little slow at present..
Ping 6 Down 104.31 Up 21.13

Ping 5 Down 104.58 Up 20.91

Day 695 and near enough to normal this morning..
Ping 7 Down 102.68 Up 21.11

Ping 7 Down 104.41 Up 20.92

Day 696 of this ISP, I still haven't rebooted the modem and ONT which is possibly why the difference in speeds, they like being rebooted after a speed change..
Ping 5 Down 101.44 Up 21.12

Ping 6 Down 103.79 Up 20.54

Day 697 and a slower morning, I still haven't rebooted the modem and ONT yet though..
Ping 7 Down 104.43 Up 20.89

Ping 6 Down 104.39 Up 29.92

Day 698 of this ISP and about normal this morning despite still not having rebooted the modem and ONT yet..
Ping 7 Down 102.80 Up 20.85

Ping 5 Down 104.40 Up 21.09

Day 699 and a little slow on a sunday morning which was unusual, the kids aren't usually up at the time I did these tests..
Ping 6 Down 102.66 Up 20.93

Ping 5 Down 1-3.69 Up 20.81

Day 700 of this ISP and a little slow again, I must reboot the modem and ONT, I may do a DNS flush too..
Ping 6 Down 102.65 Up 21.01

Ping 5 Down 104.33 Up 20.99

Day 701, it looks like some folk may still be working from home seeing the speeds are down a bit..
Ping 6 Down 104.55 Up 21.03

Ping 5 Down 104.50 Up 20.88

Day 702 of this ISP and normal speeds this morning, we still have some fok working from home too..
Ping 11 Down 101.89 Up 20.87

Ping 11 Down 104.73 Up 21.04

Day 703 and an up down day I think, all good seeing it's only a small drop..
Ping 12 Down 102.58 Up 20.78

Ping 13 Down 104.47 Up 20.89

Day 704 of this ISP and one normal test..I'm surprised our internet has kept the speeds up during the whole lockdown, the speeds kave only dropped by a few MB's at most, like the difference between peak times and quiet times, I saw a news story a couple of weeks oe so ago saying some countries internet speeds had dropped to nothing with most folk working from home and the kids doing school at home too, luckily we were spared that..
Ping 6 Down 102.91 Up 20.73

Ping 6 Down 104.55 Up 21.14

Day 705 and it looks like I'll get a decent day again, I've enjoyed having fibre to date, the speeds don't seem to fluctuate as much as the old copper lines did, not yet anyway..
Ping 5 Down 104.4- Up 20.60

Ping 5 Down 104.06 Up 20.88

Day 706 if this ISP and normal speeds this morning, I still haven't rebooted the modem and ONT either or done a DNS flusg..
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