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Full Version: Life in prison.
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Despite people thinking prison life here for the majority of inmates is quite tough, in my opinion inmates have a reasonable quality of life, there is a hierarchy system in the prisons here as with most prisons around the world with prisons having a 'top dog' amongst the inmates..

Paedophiles and rapists of course are kept in a seperate part of any prison here, this is for their safety, not the other prisoners safety, the rapists and paedophiles tend to get badly beaten by other inmates, a few have even been killed because they're so disliked by the other inmates, I suspect this is a common occurrance around the world though, and not just limited to here..

I will in time add to this section and mention things like sentences, statistics and such, I need to do a little checking of facts before mentioning statistics so I can be sure I'm correctly giving facts and not making one part of the population look worse than they in fact are, or better than they are, so please bear with me if I take a little while to get antyresponses or new topics started..