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Full Version: The Hawkes Bay region.
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Back in February 1931 a major earthquake hit the area, from memory it was about a 7.4 magnitude quake.. The result of the earthquake saw most of Napier city demolished and a lot of Hastings city some 20 kilometres south..

The earthquake was felt as far away as Wairoa to the north, which is about 90 kilometres away, and as far south as Dannevirke, some 100 kilometres south..

when Napier and Hastings cities were rebuilt they were built in the Deco style, Spanish Mission and such..

As a result of the quake Napier gained several thousand acres of land, we have a couple of suburbs that were built on land that before the quake were underwater.. It took quite a lot of work to develop the land, I had a couple of friends that bought land there, then had to dig off about 18 inches of salt laden soil and replace it with good topsoil so they could get grass and other plants growing in there..

Our airport is on reclamation land, about 2000 acres plus either side of the airport belongs to the local harbour board and hasn't been developed at this stage, so it's just covered in salty soil and flax and the like..

Nowadays we have what is called Deco Week, this is a kind of celebration of how Napier and Hastings cities were rebuilt.. There's quite a number of different things going on during this time, Deco Week usually lasts most, if not all of February once different things like the jazz concert and Mission concerts have happened.. Both these concerts bring people in from all over the country, the Mission concert has seen a lot of different people there, more recently the oldest BeeGee brother performed at the Mission concert, a lot of other famous singers like Rod Stewart and Cliff Richard to name a few have been here and performed..

The harbour is called Hawke Bay as opposed to the regions Hawkes Bay and I believe was named after one of Captain Cook's crew..