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Full Version: The Bay of Plenty.
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The Bay of Plenty isn't quite as it sounds, it covers quite a big area of land from Gisborne north a good 100 odd kilometres and goes inland quits some way too..

Anyway, back in the day when James Cook was surveying the country by ship, he stopped in the area as he was running short of supplies and thought to do a deal with the local Iwi and trade for food.. One thing he noticed on going ashore was how plentiful the food was, and how well it grew..

Good old Captain Cook tried to do a deal with the chief of the local Iwi, but despite his attempts at getting a fair deal, he was turned down.. After trying to bargain with the locals for a few days Cook decided to move on and head north and try trading in the next settlement he got to, which I might add he did successfully, but upon leaving the Bay of Plenty Cook updated his maps and log and called the place as it's known now, the Bay of Plenty..

I might add that Cook also made notes in his log saying that despite the locals having plenty of food to trade, they were too mean to do so and that any others passing that way needing supplies shouldn't stop for them as it was unlikely the natives would trade..