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Full Version: The treaty of Waitangi/Te tiriti o Waitangi.
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175 years ago the treaty was signed by most Iwi and the Governor Genera* ml of the time, the date was 6 February 1840.. Chiefs and the Governor General met at Waitangi, which is in the Bay of Islands in the northern part of the north island..

Not all chiefs were present for the signing, but most got to 'Tii Tee Marae' at Waitangi for several days, then signed the treaty which effectively made this the birth of the country as we know it now..

Today has seen celebrations variously around the country on both many different maraes and in many towns and cities..

There has been a lot of protests in past years as some thought the treat was a one sided document and wanted to see things change so they favoured both maori and pakeha alike, luckily a lot of issues have been sorted out over recent years, so the protests have pretty well stopped now, especially as the government is settling treaty claims, and doing so reasonably fairly..

There has of course been quite a few claims not settled, I remember Ngati Tuwharetoa iwi in Taupo were trying to claim the air space above the lake as there's, so wanted to charge people to fly over the lake if the claim went through, which it didn't.. There's been other similar claims which got rejected, but the Iwi that have put in reasonable claims have to a larger extent got pretty much what they asked for..

Is the country a better place for having the treaty? Time will tell I guess, but so far things have improved for both maori and european alike most of the time...