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Full Version: The tangi.
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I've often wondered if the tangi isn't better than our funerals in a way.. after someone dies, their bodies brought back to the marae for 3 days.. then they have the funeral..

The day the body is brought home is the start of the tangi, which is the start of 3 days of crying, eating and getting little sleep.. this is really the time of farewelling a loved one..

At the end of the third day they take the body to the urupara, (cemetary) for the funeral.. the service is usually about the same length as our usual funeral..

Usually a year to the day later is the unveiling which is when the headstone or whatever is put on the grave and unveiled.. some times this can turn into a day long thing as everyone gathers at the marae and everyone has a meal together followed by the unveiling, then possibly more food..

Usually everyone stays at the marae for the tangi, that way they all get to share memories etc from the persons life in between crying and eating.. it can be a good thing if everyone's in the same place, especially if the person was well liked..

Anyone that's had hangi will say food is a good thing, I haven't met many people that've turned down a hangi meal...