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We went into lockdown last wednesday night and so far most people are being pretty responsible about it, we have had a number of teenagers who seem to think it's all a big joke and they're bulletproof while travelling in their cars in groups of 4 or 5 people per car.. We had a large group of tourusts last weekend who were travelling in campers, apparently there was over 60 campers in a row travelling our main state highway to Auckland from Wellington, completely ignoring the lockdown rules, I believe the police eventually got most of them, those caught got very hefty fines, the sad thing is it only takes a few like this to spoil things for everyone..

Hows Covid 10 affecting you at present? I hope you and yours are coping under whatever rules etc that are in place where ever you are.. If you have time to give us daily updates from your area, please feel free ro add them, we'd like to hear about any problems, good things or whatever..
Well, as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday, (wednesday,) we had some 707 cases of Covid 19 here, some 78 folk had recovered from it then, we've had one death, and that was last weekend on the west coast of the south island.. Our new cases of confirmed covid 19 seems to be slowly dropping after 7 days of level 4 and was 64 new cases yesterday..

Being on level 4 for us means only going out for essential things like groceries or picking up any medications from the chemists of visiting the doctor, all non essential travel has been stopped and a lot of non essential businesses are cosed, that means no cafes, restaurants or takeaways, service stations are open as folk still need fuel for what little driving they're now doing..

I usually get the aircraft pass over my place on the way to or from the airport, but most flights are now cancelled seeing we;re omly allowed to travel for essential things like if there's an illness or death in the family, so there's only one or possibly two flights passing over each day instead of the usual 40 plus flights a day.. It seems strange having it so quiet over the last week, there's been very little traffic around seeing we're only allowed out to get groceries or medications, it almost feels like the world has stopped, it feels kind of eerie..
As of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had 780 cases of Covid 19, some 78 people had recovered from it, so far we still have one death which was last weekend, there's currently 4 people in intensive care here and they were stable yesterda..

IMO our government has done a good job of getting things planned and getting things in place, it seems to me they haven't wasted much time getting things done and getting us to level 4 with few hassles.. The other good thing is that the majority of people are being pretty well behaved so far, I suspect if we're on level 4 to long we may start getting folk getting impatient and annoyed..

One good thing the supermarkets have now started doing is giving those folk who work in essential services like firefighters, ambulance staff, doctors and nurses and caregivers a dedicated hour between 8 and 9.00 a.m. each morning where only they are allowed in stores to get what groceries they need, IMHO they desrve it too, no doubt some selfish folk may not like it, but I feel they're all doing a good job out there to help those of us stuck at home, the supermarkets giving them alone an hour each morning is a good way to show some appreciation to them..
We're into day 10 of our lockdown now, in my area at least there's folk getting sick of staying home and not being able to get out to do much, to make it worse it's saturday which usually means getting out and blowing off some steam somewhere after a hard weeks work, under our lockdown rules we're only allowed out to get shopping or go to the chemists for any essential medications or to see the doctor, the only exceptions are the essential services.. We are allowed to go out for a walk for a half hour or so as long as we stay within our neighbourhood and don't drive somewhere miles from home for a walk..

I rather suspect that if we remain on level 4 to long there may be fuel rationing brought in so folk can't travel to far for excersise or anything else but essentials like groceries and medications or doctors visits, unfortunately us kiwis love our independence, whether it be for fishi, we love travelling too, even if only to visit out of town family for the weekend.. It'd be nice to think level 4 will only last another week or so, but sadly I feel it will last a lot longer, in which case the police could get a lot busier in coming weeks.. No doubt there's people out there who have stockpiled fuel against any rationing happening, the essential services need fuel, not the majority of people as a lot of folk are working from home now so if a person isn't in an essential service job then folk may be limited to 2 or 3 gallons of fuel a week in a couple of weeks time, truth be known that'd be more than enough for the average family in a week.. My home help was saying a while ago there was a kot of traffic around yesterday morning which is telling me people are getting a bit frustrated at not being able to get out, but are starting to go out without a good reason antway, it seems a lot of the traffic was folk driving big cars which means it's unlikely to be folk doing her kind of job, normal petrol here is currently costing close to $10 a gallon, my home help does an average of 350 miles a week just for work, so most of them use smaller cars to save money..
It's day 11 of our lockdown today, as of yesterday, (saturday( we had 959 confirmd and unconfirmed cases of Covid 19 here, there's been about 140 people recover and 10 are in hospital,, but stable.. It seems most people are being sensible and not going out unless it;s necessary, I suspect the longer level 4 lasts the worse things will get as folk in this country are real outdoors types and love their sports, fishing, hunting and so on, if we're still on lockdown in 2 months time there may well be a big increase in the number of people breaking the rules.. So far we still have only the one death which happened 7 days ago now..

I did hear that the government was thinking about fuel rationing as a means of stopping folk going to far, at present we're allowed out to do essentials like getting groceries or going to the chemist for medications and seeing their doctor of course, we're allowed out for a walk as long as we stay within our neighbourhood and don't stay out all day.. In my case I have a big public park that's an easy 5 minute walk from home, so I can get over there for a change if I want, a lot of folk don't have a park near by though, they might have either the beach or one of the local rivers near by though..
We're now on day 12 of our lockdown, as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had 1015 cases of Covid 19, some 10 people were in intensive care and stable, there's now about 130 people recovered from Covid 19 here, to date one death which happened 8 days ago..

It seems eerily quiet these days, no flights in or out of my area and no traffic to speak of, usually we get a lot of flights pass over my place each day and a lot of traffic on my street, it;s taking a bit of getting used to it being so quiet..
As of 1.00 p.m. yesterday, (monday) we had 1008 cases of Covid 19 here and some 175 recovered, currently 8 people in intensive care, but stable with still the one death..

I had to go out for groceries earlier and was amazed as to how few cars were out and about, it is good to see most people are sticking to the rules and only going out for groceries and any medication they need.. We're allowed out for a walk as long as we stay in our neighbourhood, if folk want to travel a short distance to walk in a park they can as long as the car trip isn't to far from home..

It seems kind of spooky going out and not seeing much traffic, there's no flights in or out of town at present, so things are eerily quiet at my place, it's normally quite noisyhere with traffic and flights passing over, it's taking a bit of getting used to the quiet..
The link for our covid 19 website is You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
Feel free to check out our Covid 19 site thay our government set up, it's You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
Well, as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had some 1,205 confirmed or suspected cases of Covid 19, the number of new and suspected cases had dropped to 43 yesterday with close to 300 folk recovered, we had some 10 people in hospital and 2 in intensive care.. We still have the one death..

I was shocked to see New Yprks deaths yesterday in the news, they reported sone 750 deaths in New York in a 24 hour period which got me wobdering as to why the government hasn't done a lot more to stop the spread, it seems disgraceful they could let 750 people die needlessly in one day and in one state, it almost beggars belief here...
We're on day 15 of our lockdown now, as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday, *thursday) we had a total of just over 1,200 confirmed and suspected cases of which 14 were in hospital and one in intensive care, there was around 399 people recovered from Covid 19 and stil the one death..

Our Prime Minister was saying yesterday that we may be dropped to level 3 on 22 April as the last 3 days have seen the new cases drop each day, so IF we get to no new cases by 22 April we could drop to level 3 which would see some lockdown rules eased a little, I'm hoping she isn't being a little optimistic, but as long as people continue sticking to the rules at present we may well see a drop in levels, to date most people have been pretty good..

We had one person last weekend who decided to go to a supermarket and then video himself going round the shop coughing and sneezing on the staff, after he finished he posted the video on Facebook, as a result he was charged and taken to court, he's plead guilty and faces a large fine and possible prison time for his srupid stunt..
Day 16 of our being on level 4 of the Covid 19 alert and as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had just under 1,300 cases of Covid 19, almost 400 had had recovered.. We had our second death on thursday afternoon, apparently it was a lady in her 90's that had been transferred from a rest home with all the other folk with her, apparently there was an outbreak in the rest home, sadly she had some health issues at the time, all age related going by our daily briefing.. IMO the elderly in rest homes should be a lot safer than that, I'm hoping none of the other elderly folk with her pass..

Our PM is saying she hopes to lift the level 4 on 22 April, prior to yesterday our new case numbers had been dropping for 3 days, but were up yesterday by about a third, I don't want to be pessimistic but I feel 22 April may be a little soon to drop to level 3 although I hope I'm proven wrong..
Day 17 of our level 4 lockdown and as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had about 1,320 cases of Covid 19 here, some 700 folk have now recovered from Covid 19.. Sadly we had 2 more deaths yesterday, one was from a rest home in Christchurch where all 22 of the residents had got Covid 19, the gentleman that died in hospital was in his mid 80's, the other death was in Wellington Hospital, that man was in his mid 70's, so that makes 4 deaths to date.. Like most folk I'm hoping the other 20 elderly folk from the rest home will recover, it was really sad to think that someone took the Covid 19 into the rest home, whether it was staff or a visitor that took Covid in to a rest home, the person or people should've known better than to go in if they had any symptoms, or thought they may have symptoms of Covid 19 seeing the early symptoms have beem well advertised here and everyone knows the elderly are at risk because of their ages..

Our daily figures are still dropping, we were getting up to 90 new cases a day, we're now down to in the 20's as far as new cases go, so as far as I know we're still on track for the government dropping us from level 4 down to level 3 on 22 April, hopefully the new case figures continue to drop here..

I saw on the online news yesterday that the deaths in the US had spiked to over 2000 in a 24 hour period, while I feel for all those folk and their families I'm thankful our government acted as quickly as they did and got some tough rules in place, I don't personally agree with everything our government has done, but to date we've been a bit better off than othe countries are or have been.. I'm not a religious person, but I hope to goodness things improve for those worse affected really soon..
Day 18 of our lockdown and as of 1.00 p.m. sunday,(yesterday) we had some 1,330 cases of Covid 19 with just over 700 recovered, at present we still have the 4 deaths, 2 of which were from a nursing home in Christchurch, all 22 of those elderly residents were moved to hospital, it seems a staff member at the rest home went to work despite having the early symptoms of Covid 19, so unfortunately all 22 of the elderly folk have been put in isolation in hospital..

It does seem most folk are being good about the lockdown which is good, a pity there's a few still going out despite feeling a bit off clour like the rest home staff member who should've taken time off given he/she is working with at risk people..

I had to go shop yesterday morning, the 1.8 mile trip to the supermarket is usually f;at out with traffic the whole trip, I only had some 6 cars pass me on the way there and possibly 8 on the way home, so most folk are only going out for shopping or to pick up meds if they're needed, there was a few coupes out having a much needed walk too, we're allowed to do that as long as we stay in out neighbourhood..
It's day 19 of our lockdown and as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had 1,342 cases of Covid 19 here, my figure of 700 recovered was incorrect yesterday, it should've been 560 recovered as of yesterday.. We've sadly had another death bringing the total to 5 people, this latest death was the third person from a rest home in Christchurch, there was 22 elderly residents there, all have been transferred to hospital, it seems the staff have been affected, there was some 13 staff who tested positive for Covid 19 out of the 18 suspected cases among the staff in that rest home, so it looks like the staff may have continued going to work despite not feeling well, sad considering the elderly fok they were looking after were at risk because of their ages, many also had pre existing health problems due to their age..

Most folk seem to be being pretty responsible and are only going out if absolutely necessary, like for groceries, to see their doctor or to pick up any medications they may be on.. The supermarkets here are limiting the amount of people instore at any one time in order to reduce the risk of spreading Covid 19 to staff and other shoppers, so far the folk in the ques waiting to go in for groceries have been pretty good on the most part, with only a few complaining about the wait, surprisingly the few that have complained don't work, so aren't necessarily in a hurry to be elsewhere..

Our government is still looking at 22 April as the day we drop back to level 3 seeing the number of new cases is continuing to drop each day, as of yesterday we had 18 new cases which were a mix of 13 confirmed and 5 unconfirmed cases which is the lowest it's been sibce we went on to level 4, if most current cases are better and we have no new cases by 22 April we may drop to level 3, it sounds lke if we drop a level a lot of the level 4 rules may still apply which IMHO is a good idea..
Day 20 of lockdown here and we were up to 1,350 cases of Covid 19 as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday, some 670 people have recovered.. Sadly we had 4 more deaths yesterday, all 4 were elderly folk, 3 were from the nursing home in Christchurch, so our total is now 10 deaths to date..

The government is still looing at 22 April as the day we drop to level 3, from what little they've said about it, it sounds like there won't be many changes from now, one change may be the kids being allowed back to school on 29 April, that has to be confirmed at present, there could still be travel restrictions in place after we drop to level 3, so we'll only be allowed out for essential things like groceries, doctors and a trip to the chemist..

Our unemployment figures have jumped despite the government doing a bailout for businesses to help pay wages etc, we were on 4% unemployed, we're now up to 10% unemployed and the locjdown is only 3 weeks old, it's sad that businesses haven't taken the bailout money to pay wages and kept staff on, a lot of our small businesses have had it hard for some time now, if they have one week where they only just break even thet need at least 2 good weeks to catch up so it looks like a good number of those business owners have decided to cal it a day and close down, some of the big businesses may have laid off a number of staff too seeing their shops are closed indefunitely, it's sad that online shopping doesn't guarantee staff will keep their jobs..
Day 21 of our lockdown, as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had just under 1,499 cases of Covid 19 here and almost 700 recovered, we still have 9 deaths as of yesterday, so luckily no more of the elderly folk from the Christchurch rest home have passed.. It was disappointing to hear that most of the staff in that rest home tested positive, as yet no one is sure if the staff passed the Covid 19on to the residents or it was a visitor passing it on, the health department is investigating though..

I'm still getting used to how quiet it is, my street usually has constant traffic all day and there's usually every flight in and out of town passes over my place, we haven't had any flights overhead since about 36 hours after the lock dowb started, so it feels rather like we're living in a ghost town seeing most people are sticking to the rules..
Day 22 and we've had 1,300 cases of Covid 19 here of which some 750 have recovered, as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had 8 deaths.. The government's still looking at dropping to level 3 on 22 April, if we do drop there won't be many changes from lockdown, a few businesses will be allowed to start operating again and on 29 April the kids may get the choice of school or learning at home, other than that we'll still be expected to stay home as much as is possible..
Day 23 of our lockdown and as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we rose by 18 new cases to 1,420 cases and about 770 folk recovered, sadly we had 2 more deaths bringing the total to 11, one person was from the nursing home in Christchurch who I believe was in his/her 80's, the other person was from the Waikato, some 200 miles north of me..

It looks like our government may still drop us to level 3 on 22 April, the only real difference goibg down a level will make is that more businesses will be allowed to reopen, then at the end of the month children will be allowed to school if there's no one at home to look after them, the preschools will reopen too..

It's 9'45 a.m. and so far I haven't heard any traffic out on the street, normally this is a busy street even on the weekends, with it being saturday a lot of folk are normally going out to shop and do various other chores, I'm still not use to it being so quiet, it's good that most folk are still being good about being in lockdown after over 4 weeks..
Day 24 of our lockdown and we didn't get our daily news report on TV at 1.00 p.m. yesterday, I believe our new cases as of then were only 15, 10 folk were in hospital, as far as I know there wasn't any new deaths yesterday, knock on wood we're getting on top of this Covid 19 at last, I hope people keep being cautious so we can drop to level 3 next week, dropping a level won't see us with more freedom, but it will mean more businesses can reopen and we can slowly start the return to some kind of normality..
Day 25 and as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday there was 8 new and probable cases of Covid 19 country wide yesterday with about 785 recovered, sadly there was another death reported yesterday which brings the total to 12 to date..

Our government is meeting this morning to decide on whether we drop to level 3 on wednesday night or not, we'll be hearing from the Prime Minister at about 4.00 p.m. with a decision.. If we do drop a level the only real differences we'll see are more businesses being allowed to reopen and the kids being allowed back at school IF they don't have a parent or guardian to look after them from the end of the monh, the kids that do stay home will be expected to do online schooling so as to not miss out, I'm not sure if that means cameras and such in their usual ckassrooms or school by correspondence school as yet, once the government decides on it they'll inform us..

Things are still eerily quiet which at present is good as it means most folk are staying home as much as is possible, we'll have to continue doing so for a while yet even if we drop to level 3 on wednesday night, the lokdown rules will still apply with regards gong out even if we drop to level 3, I hope people continue stopping home as much as is possible then or we could well end up back where we were..

It seems we've got off pretty lightly compared to other countries, I guess our being further away has helped, we are a tourist hotspot though.. If we drop to level 3 our brders will remain closed to everyone except those still trying to get home, in their cases thet'll be tested for Covid 19 just before leaving and then have to go into isolation for 14 days once they get home, I've not heard when we'll be letting tourists back into the country..
Day 26 of our lockdown, we had some 19 new and possible cases yesterday with about 790 recovered from the Covid 19, no new deaths as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday, so our toll is still 12 deaths..

A lot of us were hoping we'd be dropping to level 3 at midnight tomorrow, (wednesday) sadly the government decided to stay on level 4 until 27 April, possibly because it's ANZAC Day on 25 April and they possibly felt folk would go out and remember our fallen soldiers at the various sites we have dawn services, this will be the first time since the end of WW1 there hasn't been any services held for our soldiers and other services, I'm hoping the RSA will organise some kind of online service for our dead service men and women..
I mis counted somehow, we're actually on day 29 of our level 4 lockdown now, we were due to drop to level 3 as of midnight last night, but the government decided to continue until 27 April, possibly partly because it's ANZAC Day here on 25 April, they possibly felt a lot of us would go out to pay our respects to our fallen troops if we were on level 3, the strange thing is that when we do drop a level the lockdown rules are still the same, it just means more businesses can reopen as long as they can keep the social distancing going in their businesses..

As of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had 1,446 confirmed cases and around 940 people recovered, sadly we had our 13th death yesterday, there was only 8 new confirmed and possible cases yesterday so touch wood things are looking good for a drop to level 3 at nidnight next monday.. Our borders will remain closed to all but those kiwis trying to get home, they'll have to be tested before leaving where ever they are and go into isolation for 14 days once they're home..

It's sad our old troops won't get to have their remembrance day on saturday, it'll be the first time since the end of WW1 there hasn't been any dawn sercices for our fallen troops, a lot of us are hoping that the RSA who represents them will do some kind of online service for them, IMHO they deserve it..
Day 30 of our lockdown and as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had 8 new and probable cases of Covid 19 and just over 1000 recovered, there was one more death bringing the total to 13 to date.. There's 10 in hospital and 2 of those in intensive care..

One of the downsides to getting the Covid 19 here was seeing our unemployed figures go from 4% up to 12% just about 10 days ago, sad when businesses are getting money to pay the staffs wages if they had to close down, the payments meant every worker got their wages for 12 weeks as long as business owners put in for it, we're only just into week 5 and due to drop to level 3 on monday 27 April, so there was more than enough money to keep staff on.. I'll try looking to see if I can find a more up to date unemployed rate later if I get time..
Day 31 and we were down to 6 new and probable cases as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday with some 1,090 cases recovered, sadly we had 2 more deaths yesterday, so we've now had 14 deaths, all have sadly neen elderly folk with one exception, pne geny was only 70 years old..

We're still dropping to level 3 on 27 April which means most of the non essential businesses can reopen, other lockdown rules stay in place, so we';ll only be allowed out for groceries, to pick up any medications or to have a walk within our neighbourhood..

I'm surprised none of oyr free to air TV channels have changed their programming and put things on during the day for the kids as yet. a few new decent movies would be a good idea IMO, at least the parents could then blackmail the kids a bit and get them behaving, or doing a few chores..
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