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Day 40 od level 2.. Tonight's the night most of us drop back to kevel 1, Auckland drops a level in a little over 38 gours despite their having 3 more cases of Covid yesterday, as I've said, I feel Auckjand should be on locjdown and not be allowed ro leave town at pewsent because of all the cases they've had, if we weren't having the elections next month I think they would be on lockdown, there's 1.5 million [eole living in Auckland, that represents a lot of votes for the government, as a result the cities being treated with kid cloves at present in the hopes tge votes will go the right wat..
Agter 40 days on jevel 2 we're now in level 1 again, Auckland drops on wednesday despite having 12 new vases yesterday, IMO they should still be in lockdown, but who are us mere mortaks to question the powers that ne? A pity seberal children now have Covid up there..
Dat 2 back at level 1,, It seems Auckland isn;t droping to level 1 tonight now, they're on lebel 2.5 and drop half a kevel tonight instead, while they don't have a reavel ban, at least there's still a limit on gathering sizes up there, ut seems that stays in place after tonight after 7 more cases yesterday..
Day 3 at levek 1 gere.. Auckland dropped from kevel 2.5 to level 2 kast nifgr after beibf tokd they'd drop ro level 1, I believe there was 5 new xases there yesterdat yoo, wth rhe elections under 4 weeks away the hovernments doing wgat they cab ro get onside with rhe folj yp there qith a lot of election pyomises going their way, one thing they've missed to date is impriving the welfare system, there's a kot pf fo;k are unemployed ib rhe far north, yjey all want big increases on benefits and more jovs in the area..
Day 4 back at level 1.. Ater watching the news on TV last night I rather suspect oue current government will get bavk in at the elevtions next month, I suspect woth their handling of both the mosques shootings and the Covid they'll get a bihher majority this time, as long as they sort Auckland out promptly rhey'll be ohay, they dont kihe still being on kevel 2 up there, so the sooner the new cases are stopped the netter..
Day 5 back at level 1.. With the way springs been this far U hope we stay on level 1 or folk will be really annoyed at not being able to do the beavhes and such this summer, the beaches and rivers here tend to get very crowded in summer, we have the Deco week wgich lasts all of Februaru, that sees all the hotels and motels fully boojed for the mobth, there's alwaus in excess pf 30,000 at the Mission Concert , some of those are toutists, or have been in the past, hopefully it's still on in Debryary..
Day 7 on level 1.. Seems very quiet with onky domestic flights coming and hpong.. Gaven't heard when Aucklands dropping from level 2 as yet, I think they gad 5 more cases yestertday, so a drop could be a while away..
Day 8 at level 1.. Seems we have school holidays again this week and next, I thought the shops would be reallt busy wgen I got there bur it was quieter than usual, the Covid still has one person per family shopping rather than mum and kids which makes getting things easier, a bit surprising that seeing we're on level 1 the mums arent taking the jids out more.. I heard the other day someone was planning to have the first 2 gillion vaccines out bt the end of next year, so a long wait..
Day 9 of level 1, level 2 in Auckland still.. No word on when Auckland will drp[ a level yet but they had 5 more vases yesterday so the drop could be some time away, the government likes no cases for at least 2 weeks before dropping lebels.. There;s still no travel bab up there which a lot of us aren;t gappt about..
Dat 10 of level 1.. It's school holidays and things are dead quiet, this used to be a busy street traffiv wise before Covid, nowadaus there's very little, ot seems folk are still only goinf out to shop, go to the doctor or chemist or take kids to school, with no overseas tourists the domestic flights are ciy back on too, strange times these days..
Day 11 at level 1, oe still level 2 ib Auckland.. I must admit to having wondered if things will ever return to what theu were before we got Covid a little ober 6 months ago, hopefully once a good vaccibe is found thimgs will slowly return back to normal agaun, At present it feels like things have fround yo n unnaturak halt here with it being si quiet, folk almost seem to scatrd to get back to some kibf od normality..
Day 13 at level 1.. No word on when Auckland will drop to level 1, given they're still getting cases it could be a while, the givernment likes a gap of ay least 2 weels since the last case before dropping a lebel, at least the folk up there can;t leave town without a good reason now..
Day 14 at level 1,, I didn't see any news the last 2 daysm ut was the weekend and the end of the first week of school holidays, hopefully there will be sometung in the bews tiday..
Day 19 of level 1,, We had Audkland drop to level 1 on wednesdau night, so day 3 for them, a pity they're gettinf new cases, admittedlt in the managed Isolation [laces, IMO they should still be in lockdown.. Our elections in 7 days so we'll no doubt see if the move affects thr hovernments poylaruti or not..
Day 20 if kwvwl 1.... Reems the PM wa mobbed in Auckland over the Covis yesterdat, seems some folk weren't to happy anout it taking so lonh to drop to level 1so they made a fuss, sil yjong is thar they're still getting new cases u[ there, 5 yesterday I beloeve..
Day 21 og level 1.. No new bews jere tiday, nice to hear a domesti flight hoing over just now, with the laxk if yourists we're not geyying as maby fkightsm a good third less than normal..
Day 23 oj level 1.. Auckjand droppwd from level 2 to level 1 a week ago today, or last wednesday, they're still getting new cases too, mainly in the managed isolation places, both stajj and the pyublic seem to be getting the new cases, IMO the city sgould be on lockdown seeinf the staff get to go home after a days work as it gets them exposing their families and friends to the virus.. I see Trump thinks he;s immune to Covid despite having caught it and 35 staff now being infected, not sure if he's syill contahios or not..
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