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Day 58 of level 1.. It seems our airline is flying, we had about 5 flights arrive in last evening, all on a go slow which was why we didn't hear them, just saw theur navigation lights heading toward the airport, as far as I know they haven't left yet, at least they are fkyibg at present which is good..
Day 59 of level 1.. I got a taxi out to do my shopping this morning, the driver was telling me that since Covid happened all the drivers takings have dropped bt 3-% so at present they'tr just breaking even, this driver has to get some mechanical repairss, so on to the credit card it goes, he was saying they're all hoping business picks up soon orsome will be giving up the job seeing they aren't getting a wage.. His bosses have told all drivers they can only do4 ten hour shifts a week instead of their usual 6 shifts a week seeing things are so quiet, the idea is that everyone gets a fair share on 4 shifts a week..
Day 60 of level 1.. I watched parliament TV for a while last night, yhe opposition National Party were rabbiting about how they could've managed the Vovid crisis here better than the Kabour govertnment again, it's election day on 19 September so they're busy trying to score brownie points.. IMHO things were handled pretty well by the govertment, I woould've changed a few small things sligtly, we now have something like a $50 billion debt from the crisis, most of that money has been used to pay wages and keep businesses open in the hopes of stopping unemployment going to high, it had to be done, but I have to wonder how kong it'll take 5 million people to pay it back, especially as things still aren't back to normal, the borders are still closed, that means we're losing billions in tourist spending at present, the governments right keeping the brders cloed at present though, a number of countries are having spikes in Covid cases at present..
Day 61 of level 1.. We had a couple of flights quietly sneak in last night, the first for a couple of days, one sounded like a 737 which was surprising, we usually only get the smaller plabes in here.. Things are otherwise pretty quiet, very little traffic about, except when the mums take the kids to school or pick them up, strange considering w're free to move round as we please now..
Day 62 of level 1.. Well, parliament rose last night until after the elections on 19 September, listening to all the speeches bt various MP's was.. interesting at times, a lot had good things to say about the last 3 years, a few opposition members couldn't resist not getting in a final dih over the hovernments response to Covid 19, some was aboyt the billions spent and some was about the government not doing enough for businesses, all pre elecyion digs and the opposition making out they'd have done more for kess ,oney.. After all the recent scandal in the opposition ranks I'kk be surprised if they gain power after the election, we shall see, time will tell..

No flights again, our airline may ne flying on a very reduced schedule at present with no one going overseas, that tends to cut domestic travel especially as there's also no tourists here with our borders closed..
Day 63 of level 1.. No doubt our mailboxes will be full of electiob bribes and what each party will do about Covid if they win the elections, a pity our elections aren't every 5 years instead of 3 years, at least we'd get the political stuff a little less often.. Things are still quiet, np flights. less traffic and few parties at peoples places, life seems upside down these days..
Day 64 of level 1.. I heard they were trialing a vaccine in Brutain I think about a month ago, noy sure if iy is provinf any help or not, ir whether there was any side effects from it, it'd be nice to think both a vaccine and bure aren't far away now, the amount of people who have either gotten sick or died from Covid worldwide is getting high number wise..

Still very quiet here, it seems my region at least has ground to a halt since Covid got here, while we havent had any new cases in the country for over 80 dayspeople are still verywary and not travelling or doing as mich as usual these days, it seems funerals and weddings are the main reasons for trabelling, a few skiers are getting about and either travelling north or south for the snow, all the hotels and cafes are feeling the pinch in the ski regions as nusiness is well down with no tourists here..
Day 65 of level 1.. No commercial flights all weekend, it seems odd not getting flights for so long, normally there;s a lot of people come here for the weekends to do the wine trails and visit family, we have a lot of good wineries here now and a number of other touristy type things to do.. No doubt the election campaigning will start today, so a lit of junl mail in the mailbox until 18 September, no doubt they'jll be promisinf to pay off the Covid debt in double quick time..
Day 66 of level 1.. I noticed how quiet the supermarket was this morning so had to ask if there'd been a drop in business lately, it seems ever sinxe Covid the amounts pf folk in store had dropped but the spending was slightly up, it seems only one person per family is going shopping now rather than 2 or 3 per household, despite mo new cases fr over 10 weeks folk are still being a bit cautious..
Day 67..

Late last night Auckland ad here in Hawjes Bat were put in lockdown, Aucjkands on kevel 3 amd here's on level 2, seems new infections have popped up and no one knows where from as yet, my feeling is that someones got past the navy and coast guard and landed on an isolated beach somewhere, then headed to town.. We jave thousands of miles of coastline, the navy and coastguard can't be everywhere at once, at least the government acted promptky..
Just watchinh the middau news on TV, seems the whole country is on level 2 except for Auckland which is on level 3.. All old age homes are closed to everyone except essential services, so doctors and food/med deliveries, will add more tomorrow when I've checked more..
Day 2 back at level 2, level 3 for Aickland after 66 days at level 1.. Seems everyone here is panic buying, my help passed 2 supermarkets on the way here at 8.00 a.m. and said the carparks at both were dull, both shops have a load of off street parking too.. Our governments opposition party leader is now been on radio sating the elections on 10 September should be postponed, [pssiblt until next year, like the IS presidential election, it can't really be done, a government here becomes a caretaker government on the day of the election and stays there until a coalition agreement is reached and someone gains a majority, big businesses don't like caretaker governments for to long as it tends to lead to uncertainty..

We're all being told not to travel unless it;s essential and avoid Auckland if possible seeing they're on level 3.. Face masks areb't mandatory yet, but if things get worse it'll be illegal not to use one while in public places..
Day 3 back at level 2.. We're nack to getting our 1.00 p.m. news reports from the director general of health and the Prome Minister, they told us yesterday we had 17 confirmed cases in Auckland and a number of suspected cases in Rotorya, it seems the cases in Auckland may be tied into a managed isolation place, it seems the staf may not have been given adequate safety gear, no doubt it'll be confirmed or denied kater today.. If it is the case it is IMHO very poor they didný give out the PPE to ALL hotel staff, there's more than enough to go round and those staff are doing a good job, and something they don't have to do.. So far Aucjkand is still on level 3 while the rest of the country remains on level 2..
Day 4 back at level 2.... Seems there's 17 confirmed cases in Aukland, 5 in Rotorua and 1 confirmed in Taupo now, the totak cobfirmed and unconfirmed cases are 40.. There was some suggestion this may have started from some contaminated packaged meat, someone either sbeezing or voughing either on the cintainer or the meat, ir possibly on glpves and then not washing hands anf putting on new gloves, this is unconfirmed at present..

The laest case is ib Taupo which is gust under 100 miles from me, so hoping none of the folk who came into contact with that person come over here for a day trip or we'll have cases popping up too..
Day 5 back at level 2.. I must admit to beinf a little confused at present, as of yesterday there was 30 cases in Auckland and a firther 7 in Rotorua and Taupo, then they told us we have 50 cases all told, I suspect the difference is between the confirmed and uncinfirmed cases, so 13 suspected cases at present.. There was 7 new confirmed cases yesterday, so 57 now..
Day 5 back at level 2, level 3 in Aucjkand.. There was 17 new cases of Covid here yesterday, 16 of them ib Auckland and tied in to the same ckuster, I believe the totak confirmed and unconfirmed cases are now some 50 cases country wide.. Travel restructions are in place on Auckland, Rotorua and now Taupo I believe.. No total lockdown country wide as uet, just the affected 3 centres, gopefully we won't get another countrywide lockdown..
Day 6 back at level 2, kevel 3 for Auckland.. We had 7 new cases of Covid yesterday which brings the new total to aeound 60 confirmed vases, there's 7 people in hospital, none in intensibe care though.. Touch wood they're on top of the second roynd now.. The elections have been pushed back a month from 19 September yp 17 October because of this outbreak, the new case numbers are now dropping so the elections should go aheaad on the new date..
Day 7 at level 2, level 3 for Auckland.. The governments opposition part party was running them down again yesterday, because Auckland is on lockdown folk need permits to get in and out of the region, thr moaning atose because it was taking truckies over 4 hours to get through road blocks to dekiver goods to the city and suburbs, give the police a creak, they can only check so many vehicles an hour, some trucks may noy have beeb actually worjing..

As of yesterday we were yo to 71 cases of Covid and 6 in hospiyals arounf Auckland.. It seems this outbreak may have started as a result of a managed isolation worker getting the virus, that caused questions as to why thise staff weren't getting regular tests to ensure they're safe..

There's also moans as to why ships arriving here aren't having the crews tested, as the government pointed out, most of the crews are staying on board the ships, what few come ashore are on the wharf for a few hours helping with unloading or loading and are well away from port staff..
Day 8 back at kevel 2.., kevel 3 in Auckland.. As of yesterday lunch time we had a total of 79 confirmed cases and 2 suspected cases, only 4 new cases, still 5 in hospital, none of yhose are in intensive care.. Our main opposition party in parliament is making the most of a second round of Covidcases and are on the campaign trail in the debating chamber, really all they're doing is flip flopping on things they;ve already said, initially they wanted the borders open, now they want things tightened round the borders seeing this outbreak may have started in a managed isolation place, it's proving interesting watching Parliament TV ay present one way or the other.. I may not agree with everything our PM and her team have done, but overall they've done fairly well getting Covid under control..
Day 9 og level 2.. Iy seems while we had 6 new cases yesterday, the total cases are up to 101 now, 6 are in hospital and 1 in intensive care that is stable.. The folk travelling in and out of Auckland need permits to do so, police have issyed ober 2,500 tickets to people without permits so far, seems the fine is several thousand dollars for no permit and increases if people keep trying to travel in or out without a permit.. Our healyh department is still trying to pin down the source of this ouybreak and are close to positively identifying iy..
Day 10 of level 2.. There was 5 new cases of Covid yesterday bringing the total to 106 this time, 7 are in hospital, 1 in intensive care, all the folk in hospiyal are ib Auckland,, The government made the wearing of masks in Auckland compulsory, especiakky on punlic transport, I believe there;s fines for not doing so..

There's still no official word on how this oiybreak started, there was a few good leads, but not confirmed as yet.. The government is meeting on monday to decide whether to extend level 3 in Auckland or not, and whether to drop the rest of the country from level 2 to level 1..
Day 11 of level 2, jevel 3 for Auckland.. We had a further 6 cases since yesterday with 7 people in hospital, one of which is in intensive care, all those in hospiyal are in the Auckland region.. The government is meeting tomorrow to decide whether to change levels or just chamhe a few rules come wednesday, I suspect seeing we're still getting new cases we'll remain as is for a week or two longer, Auckland may well see a few extra eules being intriduced pretty promptly.. Luckily np one has died this time round, so the death toll stands at 21 for the whole country..
Day 12 back at level 2, kevel 3 for Auckland.. I heard there was 3 new cases yesterday, so the total is about 110 this tine,, There's still 6 folk in hispital, I'm not sure if the person in intensive care is out or not yet.. Today is meeting day for the government, they'll decide if the rest of us drop to level 1 and Auckland stays as is on lebel 3 or noy, by rights there;s no reason for the whole countru yo be on level 2 just because Aucklands on level 2, they have the police and army stopping flk from entering or leavund Auckland at present, only essential services alloweds in or out, for yhse wanting a permit to get in or out of Auckland the rules for it are pretty tiugh, so very few folk are entering or leaving besides essebril services..
Day 13 back at level 2, level 3 for Auckland.. After only 4 new vases on sunday we got 12 new cases yesterday, there's now 8 people in hospital, 3 of which are in intensive care.. The government had it's meeting yesterday and have decided to leave things as is for now after a rise in new case numbers, all cases are in Auckland so their lockdown has been tightened given there's now a total of 117 cases there.. Still no official word on how this outbreak started..
Day 14 at level 2, kevel 3 in Auckland..,, It seems the wearing of masks while on public transport covers the whole country at present, I understood it was only in Auckland seeing that's where all the cases are at present, IMO it seems silly to wear a mask here when there's no cases of Covid here, still who are we to argue?.. I watched question time on parliament TV last night, as usual it seemed more like political one up man ship with the elections looming on 17 October, the opposition was of course making out they'd have done things the governments done much sooner than the government has, the silly thing is the oppodition was all for opening the borders until a little over 2 weeks ago, an infecyed person coming through oyr borfer started this run of new cases which we now have 129 of after getting 7 new cases yesterday.. There's 8 people in hospiyal, 3 of those are in intensive care while 1 person has now recovered.. It seems we'll be staying on the current kevels until at least friday, no doubt another government meeting on monday to decide if we all drop a level or not..
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