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Day 32 ay level 1, no mew news tiday, there's still the same old bickering in government when the time could be spent on other things, our elections are on 19 September so the various parties in government are trying to score browny points on the run up to the election at present..
Day 33 of level 1 here, after all the fighting in government at present ovwe Covid and our main opposition party saying our borders should be opened to tourists we've not had ant new cases in some weeks now, if our borders were ioened we;d have a big flare up in cases and be back to square one again, especially as we get a lot of American and Asian tourists here, so I think the government may be right waiting for a cure and a vaccine that are effective and don't have side effects..
Day 34 is seeing in another quiet day, we had a coyple of private flights over yestetdat afternoon whuch came as a bit of a shock, they seemed quite noisy after so long without any commerciak flights which we still don't have back as yet.. No traffic out on the street either, this was a vet busy street pre Covid too, wiyh little traffic and no flights it feels like the worlds stopped, it'll be god to see things back to sone kind of normal again..
Day 36 of level 1, it's been another quiet 24 hours, I went out for a haircut yesterday morning, there was under half the usual amount of traffic out for a satueday morning, usually folk are out and about doing all the shopping and getting various other things done, a lot of folk here are great DIYérs so they get any amount of stuff so thet can do maintenace and repairs at home either on the house or their cars.. Fuel is still a good 50 cents a litre less than it was, so that's not stopping folk from going out..
Day 37 of level 1.. The chemists all went to monthly dispensing when we got up to level 4, they said it was to helpstop hoarding, now we're back down to level 1 we're still on monthlt dispensing, most of my meds are given in rhe full 90 day supply so it's taking a little getting used to not having the fill supply on hand..

Things are still really quiet, I did hear a neighboyrs stereo blasting on saturday night, I fuess it was party night, if it was it's good to see things getting back to normal..
Day 38 of level 1.. Yhings are still quiet out, the shops are usually busy by the time I get there, this morning there was about a third of the usual crowds in the supermarket, apparently the money is still being spent, it;s just that only 1 person from the families etc are going out to spend.. It's school holidays at present, noremally the mums would take the kids if she goes shopping, seems grandparents or such look after the kids while mums out now,, the good thing is ir;s easier getting round the shop with less people there..
Day 39 and a quiet day, I had to go to rge doctor this morning, it seems they're one af the few places still busy, them and the chemists of course.. Still a lot less traffic on the roads, it makes me think we're stull om lockdown.. Our airline syill isn't flying, I would've thought they'd have neen flyoing domesticallu for weeks now..
Day 40 of level 1, about 45 minutes after posting yesterday we had a commercial flight come in, the first in about a week, normally we get at least 36 a dat.. Still veri liyyle traffic about, iy
s wet and xold today so folk may stay home as much as possinle, this Covid seems to have changed peoples habits with regards going out, maybe once a vaccine is found folk will start getting out more, some warmer weather would help too, Covid hitting us in autumn may not have been so nad, if it'd come ib summer there'd be bo stopping people from going out..
Day 41 at level 1.. Things are interesting in parliament at present, the main opposiyion party ouyed their old leader about 7 weeks aho and replaced gim, then the replacement resigned the other day effective immeadiately, now they're stuck with a leader who's worse than a dog with a bone, so for all their saying how theu'kk do better than the currebt government after our elections on 19 September, they stand little tp no chance of getting the reigns after the elections, few of the public like their new leader so may well not vote for the party, that will see the cirrent government carryinh on and doing a decent job for 3 more years.. IMHO the cirrent habe done a reasonable job thus fat, they had the mosques shootings and Covid to contend with so far and did ojay, I may not agree with everything they've done biy overall theu've done ojay to daye, as lonh as they don't drop the ball now they should easily win the elections..

Things are still quiet, little traffic about and still no commercial fligts around the country, giveb the miserable weather at present folk likely don't feel like going far from home..
Day 42 at level 1, no new news today seeing it's the weejend, it's still cold and wet, so no ones going out unless they need to, so very quier out besides hearing the rain, I'm beginning to thinl we need an ark after 3 weeks of almist constant rain, vwet depressing stuff..
Day 43 of level 1.. I'm almost starting to wonder if things will return to normak here, we have all our freedoms back except for the borders which are still closed yet folk aren't doing as much as they were before Covid, there's still no commercial flights amd there's about half the traffic on the roads compared to usual times, fuel is still about $2 a gallon less tham it was, so nI'm surprised more folk aren;t getting out mpre, maybe we need a vaccine for folk to start getting out more..
Fay 44 of level 1, no new news today, things are quiet as usualm perhaps it's a good thing at present given other countries are seeing sudden spikes in new cases, we've had no bew cases since well before dropping to lebel 1..
Day 45 of level 1.. We had a rare flight arrive here about 7.30 a,m. this morning, another has just come over now, some 4 hours later, both were commercial flights too, maybe our airline is getting back in the air at last..
Day 46 of level 1.. It seems commercial dlights are slowly picking up at last, we had about a dozen flights in yesterday, while not our usual 30 to 40 flights a day it's an improvement, I still haven't found out as to wgy they weren't in the air for so long after we dropped to level 1, at least folk can travel a little more easily now..
Day 47 of level 1.. We seem to gave had a number of stories about possible vaccines in the rumour mill here over the last week or so, whether there is anything or not I'm not sure as I haven't seen anything on the official sources like the TV news or places like Al Jazeera, none of the online news sites have had anything as yet, at least not that I've seen, it'd ve good to think a vaccine and cure aren't to far away now..

Still quiet here, I thought oyr airline was getting started again, but there's been no flights here since lunch time yesterday, so almost 24 hours, quite strange as an overseas airline is advertising cheap airfares within NZ, or was a couple of days ago, stramge our airline isn't getting in and at least matching the cheap airfares..
Day 48 of level 1.. We had an early morning rush on the motorwat between Napier and Hastings this morning, now iy's dead quiet again, no flights in or out and very little traffic about, it's school holidays at present too, usually the parents take the kids places during the holidays, it seems strange things are so quiet..
Day 49 of level 1.. Election year is peoving fun as usual, our elections are on 19 September so the government us pushing loads through unfer urgency including a few things to do with events like Covid, then there's been a few MP's doing things they shouldn't from both sides of the houde, and getting sacked for it.. The government of coyrse is getting loads done to make themselves look good so they'll get re elected and keep their nice salaries foe 3 more years, the equal pat bill is but obe thing they got through under urgency..

It's a fine day here and it's really quiet, no flights or traffic about at present, with fuel cheaper than it jas been in quite some time it seems strange so few folk are out more..
Day 50 of level 1.. A vey quiet morning this morning, it is sunday though, it's warming up nicely now the suns up which has me wondering why folk aren't heading out, we've got no restrictions on travel now so I'm wondering why folk aren't foing the usual sunday morning things, this Covid seems to have had folk change what they do a lotfully things will return tu normal in tine..
Day 51 of level 1 today.. One thing tht happened when we went on to level 4 was the chemists going from 90 day dispensing of meds down to monthly dispensing, supposedli yo help stop folk hoarding, now weéw back down on lenel 1 we're sti;; on monthly dispensing.. The strange thing was that the Director General of health said things wouldn;r change on level 4, yey Pharmac who control all the meds sent out the order to all chemists to do monthly dispensing, the director generak of health is the boss, not Pharmac, it;s something I'll be asking mt chemist about on my next visit there..

A very quiet morning at present, it's monday morning and it feels like a very quiet sunday morning ot, I'm almost beginning to wonder if things will return to normal..
Day 52 of level 1.. It seems another quiet day, just did my shopping, there was about a third of the usual amount of peopke there, usually it's fairly busy by the time Iget there, seems very odd indeed.. Still no commercial flights coming or leaving here whoch also seems stranfe..
Day 53 of level 1.. I watched parliament Tor a while last night, the opposiyion are still prattling on about the billions spent on wage relief packages and such whie we were on level 4, if it hadn't been spent a lot more people would be out of work and a lot of businesses would've gone under, spending the money saved the ecomomty from suffering as much, with the election looming the oppositions trying to look good and deflect some of the damage done by a few of ut's members in recent times..
Day 54 of level 1.. There was more bockering in parliament yesterday, mainly over spending again and saving peoples wages and paying their wages, some $16 billion was spent on wages and keeping businesses going during the lockdown, the opposition doesn't like it..
Day 55 of level 1 today.. My home help said this morning that ever since Covid started it's neen muxh easier getting round all her ckients each morning, she usually leaves home about 7.15 a.m. every day and used to spend over half the morning in the car getting from one place to the next, that times been cut by over half since we went up to level 4 and back down, she's saving on fuel as wel of course.. Even now with no travel restrictions there's a lot less traffic on the roads, the only slight rush times are the mums taking the kids to and from school..

Some folk are still working from home even though the oggices are all open, it seems some employers are happy to let staff work from hom as long as the staffs work gets done which is good for the envirinment I guess as there's less fuel being used with no travelling to and from work..
Day 56 of level 1,, No commercoak flights in or out for a couple of days now, seems our airlines only fkying to get folk hone from overseas, then to their home towns once theu've done their 14 days in isolation, I might see if I can find out when they're resuming normal flights, iy must ne costing a fortune having almost all their planes on the ground..
Day 57 of level 1.. It's really quiet this morning, no traffic on my street as yet and it's normally very busy, it is sunday, but folk go to church or hone from parties after drinking to much the night before, so stay there the night, very odd days at present..
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