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Dat 5 back down on level 1 and no news today other than our airline still not being back in the air, we're allowed to travel now so it seems odd they;re not flying again yet..
Day 6 back at level 1, I've been thinking that despite the fact weé're free to travel when we like now, folk aren't getting out as much as they used to, when they do go out they do everything in one quick trip instead of going out several times during the day, fuel prices are well down on what they were pre Covid times so it's strange folk aren't enjoying the freedom more.. The airlines still haven't started up on the domestic routes which is surprising given we're allowed to travel again now..
Day 8at level 1 to correct things. We;ve been able to go about life pretty much as normal for the past 8 days, one thing I've noticed is how much less traffic there is compared to pre Covid 19 times, it's at least one third less traffic now.. I did my tuesday shop as usual this morning and the supermarket had a lot less people in it, iy's a matter of one person per familyshopping now, before Covid it would be mum and the kids or granny amd grandad type of thing, the upside is that it makes getting round the shops a lot easier, sorprisingly one of the checkout supervisors told me that while there's less people in store each day the spendings up a bit..

We had our first flight over at about 1.30 p.m. today, after 11 weeks of no planes and a Boeing 737 came over, I'd just put my feet up for a poppa nap so it surprised me especially as we usualy only get the 30 odd seat Metroliners come and go here, it's good seeing life slowly getting bac to some kind of normality again..
Day 9 at level 1, no ques at the shops any more is good, while we were further up the levels places like supermarkets limited the amount of people inside at any one time which was okay in the warmer weather, it's nice not having it now though.. Had a helicpter pass over at about 7.45 a.m After no flights around for some 11 weeks it was good hearing things getting back to normal again..
Dau 10 at level 1, I was watching parluament TV last night and moticed the givernments getting stick from the opposition for not ioening up the borders, IMO they're right not to given most countries are still getting new cases of Covid every day, it'd obly take one person with Covid coming into the country to have us back on kevel 4 again which would cost our economu billions more..

Still no flights in or out of town which is surprising given we can travel as we please within the country now, hopefully flights will restart soon..
Day 11 and the givernment is still copping fkack over it's response to Covid 19, seems they not obly spent to much, now they won't open the borders which IMO is a good idea at present,, It's amazing how quiet it is now, we're on level 1 and alowed to do pretty much what we like now, with fuel down ib peice I'm surprised folk aren't getting out a lot more now lockdown is over, there's a good third less traffic ob the roads than usual at present and still no flights..
Day 12 of level 1 and it's a quiet mprning out there, none of the neighbours seem to have had parties of late, it was friday yesterday, usually there's parties going on on friday night, it seems the Covid gas stopped them and folk are happy meeting at the bars and clubs now.. My street used to be very busy traffic wise before Covid, now we're back to being allowed to get out freely and it's still quiet out there.. Still no flights in or out of tpwn at present sp things seem eerply quiet these days..
Day 13 at level 1, I've yet to hear any traffic this morning, I know it;s sunday but there's usually a lot of folk hed off to church so things get noisy for a while.. The government is still copping flack for being so slow in getting us down to level 1, that and not iopening the borders for the tourists, IMO they're riht not opening the borders yet, especially as tourists don't want 14 days of isolation before starting their holiday here..
Day 14 of level 1, no new news here this morning, it's still really quiet despite our being allowed to get out as and when we choose, and no travel bans in place any more, except to overseas of course..
Day 15 of level 1, we just had a flight go over which is about the third since dropping to level 1, after about 12 weeks of no planes it was quite noticable, we usually get at least 30 flights in and out every day when there's no holidays on, more if there is..
Day 16 of level 1 and the government is still copping flack over it's handling of the Covid pandemic, the opposition party thinks the borders should be opened to tourists without any restrictions and thisr kiwis finally getting home shouldn't have to undergo 14 dats of isolation before being allowed to return home.. Our elections are on the 19 September so amything to discredit the government at present I guess, I may not agree with all decisions made over the past 3 months, but on the most part the government has done a decent job of things even though billions of dollars have been spent to date by them..

Gad another flight over last evening, we usually only get the 20 odd seat Metroliners come to our airport, last evenings flight was a 737 which was rather surprising and unexpected, our airport is only just big enough for a 737 to land or take off from so we don't see them here often..
Day 18 of level 1, I'm still surprised at how mucj less traffic there is on the roads these days, petrol prices have dropped by about 50 cents a litre since Covid came along, now we can go out when we like a lot of folk areb't going out as nuch, maybe having the kids home frm school for over 8 weeks has folk a nit broke, the parents seem to spend more during school holidays, then pay off credit cards and overdrafts once the kids get back to school, the Covid would have seen most credit cards up to their limits with scjools closed for over 8 weeks..
Day 19 at level 1, things are stull very quiet, thet said on the news last might that a lot of folk are having holidays now we cab travel within the country, none of the hotels or motels here in my town are very busy at present, we tend to get a lot of tourists here because of all the events usually on here, we have a lot of vinyards too, so folk come here todo the wine trails and stock yp on their wine collections while they're here, hopefully things pick up soon..
Day 20 at level 1, I saw somewhere the other day they're trialing a vaccine for Covid in Britain, if it is the case, lets hope the human trials are successfil and it can be mass produced soon..

It's another quiet dau here, very little traffic about and no flights in or out of town. it seems strange that folk aren't getting oit more now all lock down stuff has been lifted and fuel being a good 50 cents a litre cgeaper than it was..
Day21 at level 1, no new news this morning other than a few of the kiwis flown home recently that were in isolation have recovered, all of our 21 deaths have been folk over the age of 65 to date, all of them had pre existing health problems, it's good not to have lost anyone else to Covid to date..

Still very quiet out, but it is sunday morning, so those not going to church are likely staying in bed late this morning, as we do on a sunday morning.. I must find out when our flights start up again, it seems odd not having any flights within the country yet..
Day 22 back at level 1, still no flights in or out of town which is odd considering we're allowed to travel within the country, our airline must be losing millions bt not flying, will have to try finding out when they start flying again..
Day 23 at level 1 and a quiet morning out despite the rain, there was about half the usual traffic on the roads this morning, it's pension day too which left me thinking they're staying home in the bad weather..
Day 24 on level 1 today.. It seems kind of stramge that some European countries are opening their borders to a select few countries while our borders are staying closed for now, it seems the countries opening their borders are still getting new cases of Covid, IMHO opening the borders isn't a good way to sloe or stop the spreadof this insidious disease, things could IMO end up like the US and see a surge in new cases with open borders, it seems the tourism money is driving countries to open up to early..

We've not had any new cases in several weeks now despite some folk who were stuck overseas coming back home at last, things are still quiet here, there's still few planes flying, only private;y owned planes and helicopters, there's few of them around at present.. I noticed while I was shopping yesterday that folk are still keeping their distance from others even though no one was wearing a mask, there was a number of folk using the free hand sanitiser on offer in the supermarket though..
Day 21 at lebel 1, the main opposition party in government is still on about upening our borders and letting everyone into the country which IMHO would be a musyake at present, once a good vaccine is found, then yes, but noy ay present..
Day 22 of level 1.. The government was getting more stick from the opposirion parties over Covid yesterday, this time ir was for spendinf some 14 billion on wages for those people not working during the 8 weeks of lockdown we had, the silly thing is that ifit wasn't paid a lot of people would've lost their jobs and a lot of businesses gone under which would've left the economy in a far bigger mess than it now is, there's no pleasing some..
Day 23 of level 1.. It seems strange the only flights we're getting are privately owned planes and helicopters, there's been very few of them of late, we did get a few commercial flights, but I believe they were bringing the kast of the folk home that were stuck overseas and had done their 14 days of isolation, given that we're allowed to travel now O'm surprised domestic flights haben't restarted as yet, if folk here want to go south to go skiimg it's a long trip from here, to get to Queenstown from Hawkes Bay where I am a good 14 gour drive one way, plus a 3 hour trip on the interisland ferry, so hardly a long weekend trip.. As far as I know Mount Ruapehu here in the central north island isn't open for skiing yet, that'd be about a 4.5 gour trip from here..
Should be day 28 of level 1 todat.. Things are very quiet out, it's 10.00 a.m. and I haven't heard any traffic as yet, this is normally a bust street traffic wise, seeing it's sunday we get a lot of folk go to church and come past here.. Still no flights in or out of town either, now we've had snow people are heading off to sji for the weekends, strange times these days..
Day 29 of level 1, we had a commercial flight come in last evening and leave about an hour later, I think it brought home a few folk that were stuck overseas after we went on to level 4, oyher than rare flights like that our airline still isn't flying as normal, it must be costing a fortune having all the planes on the ground.. Very little traffic around either, it seems strange having the streets so quiet when folk are free to get out when they like..
Day 30 of level 1, it was amazinglt quiet on the roads this morning, it's pension day for the elderly today and there was about a third of the usual amount of traffic out, it's a nice warm sunny day too, maybe folk are saving their money.. :S
Day 31 of level 1, no new news here this morning, things are ticking over as usual for now, folk here are wondering how long it'll be before a vaccine and cure are found, hopefully someone develops a good vaccine by next winter..
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