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We were up to 1,480 cases of Covid 19 as of 1.99 p.m. yesterday with about 1,80 recovered, we've had one more death which brings our total to 16.. We had 5 new and probable cases as well so we're on track to drop from level 4 to level 3 on monday night..

Level 3 will mean most businesses can reopen, but the rest of us are still expected to stay in lockdown and only go out for essentials or a short walk round the block, so hoping level 3 doesn't last much over a month, a lot of us are getting a little stir crazy staying home..

The government has said we can go hunting, if it's on private land, I can't see to many folk being able to unless they know a sheep farmer near by, it seems golfing may be allowed on level 3 as well as long as there's not to many others at the golf courses, all sports games will still be postponed though..
We didn't get our daily Covid 19 news yesterday because of it being ANZAC Day, so I can't give our latest figures seeing there wasn't anything on the news either.. Folk are looking forward to tomorrow night as that's when we drop to level 3 and life gets a little easier.. I'll update as soon as I hear something..
Still no news on our daily figures, it was ANZAC Day on saturday so they likely decided not to give us any news out of respect for our dead soldiers, I see there's a report on TV at 1.00 p.m. today, so will be watching that.. We drop to level 3 at 11.59 p.m. tonight if today's news briefing is good which most of us will be hoping for, at least things can start returning to normal tomorrow morning if the drop happens tonight..
After almost 5 weeks at level 4 we dropped to level 3 overnight last night, so most businesses will now be open, a few may be doing online trade or deliveries if they feel they can't do the social distancing by letting the public instore..

The last updates on Covid 19 cases I posted on friday have increased slightly as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday, we then had 1,480 cases and 1,090 had recovered, sadly there was 3 more deaths between last friday and yesterday,(monday,) the total is now 19 deaths nationwide, apparently the youngest death was 71 years old, in all cases the deaths had underlying health problems and were all elderly..

Now we're on level 3 most businesses will reopen, some may decide to do online business or deliveries if they feel letting folk into their shops may see them not able to keep a 2 metre social distancing for customers, business staff will have to keep at least 1 metre apart while working..

Schools will reopen tomorrow, but only for those kids whose parents both work and there's no guardian at home, if a parent or guardian is home the kids stay home and get their education online..

At this stage it looks like we may only be on level 3 for 2 weeks, that's to be confirmed though, the government will meet in 2 weeks to decide either way, so we could stay at level 3 if the new case numbers don't drop further, here's hoping that in 2 weeks we have no new cases to report..
Day 2 of level 3 and we had 1,472 cases of Covid 19 as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday with just over 1,100 recovered, no more deaths, so that stands at 19 at present..

Seems the drive throughs at McDonalds and KFC went crazy yesterday, most stores were getting upwards of 50 or 60 cars waiting to buy something once they opened at 8.00 a.m. yesterday, no doubt it was the same this morning too, I'm not sure I'd be patient enough to wait that long for Maccas, certainly not KFC..
Day 3 of level 3 here and only 2 new cases yesterday, there's now just over some 1,200 people recovered and 6 in hospital at present, the death toll is still 19 for the whole country..

It seems while kids were allowed back to school yesterday if there was no one at home to look after them, very few were at school or pre schools yesterday, I think the figures were about 1.5% of all kids, both pre school and school age were back, the rest were at home and doing their school online so it seems a lot of parents are opting to work from home rather than going into their offices..

No doubt Maccas are enjoying having their drive throughs open, day one saw big ques at most stores in the drive through lanes waiting for them to open, one complaint the police had was that there was big crowds in the carparks at various Maccas and KFC stores they had yo move, hopefully people stop doing that or the stores will be closed down and any loiterers heavily fined..
Day 4 of level 3 here and as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had 3 new or possible cases of Covd 19 and 1,175 recovered, no new deaths thankfully, so that stands at 19 to date..

It seems quite a few people have been fined for congregating in big groups and not keeping the 2 metre social distancing, the fines seem to have been given to folk going to Maccas and KFC, they've got something to eat and a coffee and stood round in the carparks gossiping with friends or workmates, the police have warned that if it continues more fines will come and the stores could be closed as well, apparently the fnes have been for around $1,000 each, so a good deterant..
Day 5 of level 3 here, as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had 3 new cases of Covid 19 nationwide, so a total of around 1,449 cases of which almost 1,200 have recovered.. There was 6 people in hospitals yesterday, none in intensive care.. There was no new deaths, so we're still at 19 deaths to date..

The police are keeping busy now we're on level 3 and most businesses are open, some have chosen to do onlibe shopping only, the hardware stores and clothing shops are two that have gone online only while Maccas and KFC are only open for their drive through bsiness, the police are continuing to catch folk gathering in big groups after going through the drive through at Maccas for breakfast and coffee, some 10,000 people have been warned while some 2000 repeat offenders have had hefty size fines..

My understanding is that we'll be at level 3 for a total of 2 weeks and could then drop to level 2, so 9 more days before the rules are relaxed a little further.. At that stage w'll no doubt have to continue social distancing and such, some things may be lifted though, duck shooting season is normally underway now, that's postponed until level 2 starts, a lot of people enjoy going out during duck shooting season, many go out before the season starts and do some clay pidgeon shooting to get their eye back in before duck shooting starts, that hasn't happened as yet..
Da 6 at level 3 and no report yesterday for some reason, I'm not sure why not, they've been pretty good at doing the daily reports except for ANZAC Day last weekend.. Our figures have dropped a lot recently, we only had 3 new cases nationwide on friday which put the total cases up to about 1,496 with some 1,200 recovered.. Yhe only thing that seems to be happening is a number of people gathering in groups or ignoring lockdown rules and carrying on with life as usual, the repeat offenders have got pretty hefty fines for their trouble..
Day 7 of level 3 and no news on our Covid 19 figures yesterday, it seems odd that they have daily briefings monday to friday and nothing on the weekend now, our new cases had dropped right down last week to 3 or 4 a day, hopefully it was less over the weekend.. If we stay at low levels of new infections we'll drop to level 2 in 7 days time which will see more things return to some kind of normal..

I haven't heard if there will be anyone allowed into the country on level 2 or not, there are still kiwis stuck overseas so the government may well bring the last of those wanting to come home back which will see Air New Zealand doing a few flights..
Day 8 at level 3, as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had no new cases of Covid 18 im the previous 24 hours.. To date we've had 1,480 cases of which some 1,280 have recovered, the deaths stand at 20 for the whole country..

Hopefully if things stay the way they are we may drop to level 2 in 6 more days which will see things eased up a little more, we'll still be expected to keep the 2 metre social distancing of course, but some lockdown rules may be eased up on a little..
Day 9 back at level 3 and as of lunch time yesterday we had another day of no new cases of Covid, that's 2 days in a row, so still the same amount of confirmed and recovered cases with 7 people in hospital, no new deaths either.. Hopefully we'll drop to level 2 next monday night as planned, as long as the figures stay down of course..
Day 10 of level 3 today, as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday we had 2 new vcases of Covid 19, 1 confirmed and 1 probable which put the total up to 1,478 cases of wich 88% have recovered.. Sadly we had one more death that was tied into the Christchurch mursing home, so we've now had 21 deaths to date..

It seems we may still be dropping to level 2 on monday might, that is if things don't take an unexpected turn for the worse, level 2 won't see any major changes lockdown wise, it will mean more businesses can reopen and those already open may be able to relax things a little more as long as the social distancing still happens.. If we go to level 2 the duck shooters will be allowed out and places like golf clubs reopen, the hunting rules may get relaxed a little too, at present hunting is only allowed on private land and with the owners permission, so bunny stew at present if they can be caught..

I've been wondering if a lot of kiwis have been behaving and following the rules so they can get back to their sport or hunting, then to the bars and clubs again as soon as possible, this is a real sporting country, a lot of folk like their outdoor pursuits and getting along to the kids sports games, everyone's missing all that at present..
Day 11 of level 3 and we had 1 new case and 1 probable yesterday, there's now around 1,260 recovered and 2 folk in hospital.. Sadly one more death was reported yesterday, so oyur total is now 21 deaths, all were elderly folk too....

It seems our government is meeting on monday to make a decision on a drop to level 2, not sure if the drop will now happen on monday night or not, hopefully it will happen..
Day 12 of level 3 here and we had 2 new cases of Covid yesterday while 4 people are in hospital, it was good to see that 90% of the cases are now recovered.. We had no new deaths as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday so we're still on 21 deaths..

At this stage it looks like we may be dropping to level 2 on monday after our government has it's meeting to make a decision, hopefully the figures stay as is or drop etween now and then, if the figures go up we'll stay on level 3 of course, folk seem to be behaving on the most part because they're getting sick of lockdown, us kiwis are a real outdoor bunch, we love our sports and other outdoor activities, most folk are really missing it and want it back, most will likely behave so things can get a step closer to normality..
Day 13 of level 3 here, we had one new case of Covid here yesterdat which brings our total up to just over 1,480 cases and 90% recovered, the deaths stand at 21 to date..

Hopefully tomorrow night being monday we'll drop to level 2 at midnight, we'll have to wait until at least 1.-- p.m. tomorrow to find out either way..
Day 14 of level 3, the government is meeting at present to decide if we drop to level 2 tonight or not, at a guess I'd say it's likely given we only had 3 new cases of Covid over the weekend of the 1,390 cases we've had to date 90% have recovered, there's not been any new deaths for several days now, so that stands at 21 at present..

If the governments meeting has finished by the 1.00 p.m. news on TV I'll update here afterwards, otherwise it'll be tomorrow before we know if we're dropping a level or not and I can post the facts..
Day 15 of level 3 and no new cases of Covid as of lunch time yesterday.. We're dropping to Level 2 at 11.59 p.m, tomorrow night, (wednesday) so thursday morning folk will be feeling a little happier as we'll have a little more freedom.. I'll report more later after today's news update..
Day 16 at level 3, no new cases as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday and no further deaths.. I'm glad to say that as of 11.59 p.m. tonight we'll be back down to level 2, not sure why we didn't drop on monday night as yet, but we're dropping tonight which will make life a bit easier here..
Well, it's day one back at level 2 today, we've had 5 weeks at level 4 followed by 16 days at level 3.. We had no new cases of Covid as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday, that's left us at 1,598 cases of which 94% have recovered, still 21 deaths to date..

One thing a lot of people were looking forward to was an increase in the number of folk allowed at gatherings such as church or funerals which the government said would be lifted to a maximum of 100 people last week, then on monday they reduced that number to a maximum of 10 people, only 10 people at weddings or funerals got a lot of people really upset, given it's election year the government should rethink that idea and increase it..
Day 2 back at level 2 and we had no new cases as of 1,00 p.m. yesterday, no more deaths either.. Yesterday was budget day here, as a result the governments spending billions of dollars it doesn't have to try and supposedly soften the blow if something like Covid 19 should happen again, health was the biggest winner, the countries hospitals got something like $10 billion or slightly more..

If I heard correctly, those on welfare will be getting an extra $25 a week, considering everyone on benefits and pensions need a 47% increase to catch up with the minimum wage, or get close to iy, $25 a week falls well short of the mark..

They're also supposedly setting up a fund ready for if something like Covid 19 happens again, that way there's money in the kitty to pay the businesses to pay staffs wages and help the business owners pay their bills while the countries in lockdowm, if I find any news items about the budget that relates to this I'll post the link/s here, better that than my trying to explain it seeing I'm not to clear on the facts at present.. It seems that for a little country od 5 million people, the governments looking at finding over $20 billion from somewhere which to me adds up to a load of devt.. Sad
Day 3 back a level 2 and things are pretty quiet at preent, no new cases or deaths which is good, surprisingly most folk are still being pretty good about not going out unless necessary, then keeping the social distancing.. This year has been a record year for the amount of people getting the flu vaccine, surprising as it won't help should we get Covid 19, at least folk won't get the flu as well as.. I get my flu vaccine for fre so get it every year..

It still seems unusually quiet, after 5 weeks at level 4, then 16 days at level 3 I should've got used to very little traffic on a busy street and no aircraft passing over going to or leaving the airport, hearing a car or privately owned flight is now unusual and welcome..
Day 4 back at level 3, I'm wondering about the church goers this morning, the government said gatherings of up to 100, then changed their minds and lowered it to 10 people which got a lot of folk really upset, church online isn't the same.. The other thing was pnly 10 people for weddings and funerals, that got a lot upset too

No new cases again as of lunch time yesterday, so we've had just under 1,500 cases of which 96% have recovered and still the 21 deaths to date, knock on wood we're on top of the Covid at present as long as people keep up the social distancing..
Day 5 back at level 2, it looks like our Prime Minister isn't doing her daily press conferences with our Director General of health any more, given we're not getting any new cases at present it's not really necessary, the majority of people are still acting pretty responsibly too.. We are still getting the advertising on TV reminding us to keep up the social distancing, wash our hands and keep notes of who we come into contact with, it seems like every ad break we get more reminders, anyone would think we have short memories, lol..

This Covid 19 has a lot of folk wondering if the world will ever be quite the same once things get back to normal and there's both a cure and vaccine for it, I hope there's no paranoia etc when that day comes, as long as the dooms dayers don't say to much hopefuly things will return to some kind of normal one day..
Day 6 of level 2, as of 1.00 p.m. yesterday there was no new cases of Covid 19 here, so we're still at 1,499 cases of which 96% have recovered and still the 21 deaths to date, these figures are country wide..

A lot of folk seem to be wondering if things will ever get back to the normal we had prior to Covid 19 arriving here, I rather suspect that when and if a vaccine and cure are found people will be more cautious than they were, things may be a new kind of normal where ever we live I feel..
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