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Full Version: How's the weather at your place?
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We had a nice fine day here at last, hopefully spring is on the way at last.. Smile
A nice fine morning here, hopefully spring is here at last.. We've got a forecast high of 19 degrees today..
A nice fine day today after a -4 degree frost we got up to a mildish 17 degrees a while ago, hopefully spring has sprung at last..
A nice fine morning, no frost today which was nice, hopefully spring is springing at last.. Got a forecast high of 17 degrees today.
Another nice fine morning after a 7 degree start, it looks like we're getting a high of 19 degrees today, spring has finally sprung, I hope.. Smile
Another fine day here, it looks like spring has finally sprung.. Smile We've got a forecast high of 19 degrees today, just about warm enough to sit outside later..
It started off overcast and chilly, mid morning and it's clearing into a decent day.. We have a forecast high of 18 degrees today..
More rain here today, it looks like it's going to last through next tuesday at present.. Got a mild 18 degrees here at present which is the days high..
Day 3 of rain, the forecast is saying we've got 4 more days of it too.. Sad It's a cooler day today, the forecast high is only 14 degrees..
Day 4 of rain, we've got a freezing cold southerly breeze too.. The days high is 11 degrees, but the wind chill will see that drop to 5 or 6 degrees.. Going by the lomg range forecast it's rain until next friday night.. Sad
Day 5 of the rain after a -3 degree frost this morning.. We have a chilly forecast high of 9 degrees today, that's about half what it should be for this time of year.. The blossom is usually in full bloom by the end of August, so far all we have is the blossom buds on the trees.. It usually stars warming up by the second week in August, we're now into the second week of spring and it's beeping freezing.. Sad
It's day 6 of rain and cold here, the blosom should've been in full bloom a good 3 weeks ago, all we have on the trees are the small blossom buds at present.. Had a forecast high of 10 degrees today.. Sad
It was drizzling when I got up at 5.45 a.m. this morning, now the suns trying to get out from behind the cloud.. We've got a forecast high of 11 degrees today, the forecast for the next few days looks like we may get some spring time weather and temps, if we do I hope it stays as springs about 4 weeks late getting here so far, most of us are looking forward to warmer dry weather after a long cold winter..
After a week of rain we have a nice fine morning, we woke to a -3 degree frost and got told we'd get a high of 14 degrees today, it feels like it's already 14 degrees, hopefully it'll get to 18 degrees later.. Touch wood spring is here to stay at last.. Smile
It's the start of a second sunny day here, it's good to see the sun after a week of cold wet weather.. We've got a forecast high of 18 degrees today, I think it'll get warmer though, it's already 16 degrees and it's only 9.30 a.m.. Knock on wood spring is here to stay this time.. Smile
Our third fine warm morning, it's good to see some blossom buds starting to flower at last, they're about 4 weeks late now, hopefully the daffodils will be flowering soon as well.. Got a forecast high of 20 degrees today..
The fourth fine day and I'm starting to feel optimistic spring has made a late arrival.. We have a forecast high of 21 degrees, quite respectable for the first month of spring.. Smile
Day 5 of nice fine warm weather, hopefully springs here to stay at last.. Smile We've got a forecast high of 22 degrees today..
Day 6 of the fine days and I for one am enjoying the late arrival of spring.. I looked outside a short while ago and saw blossom in full bloom, something we should've had mid to late August, it's good to see it at last, spring has finally sprung.. Smile Got a forecast high of 22 degrees today..
A cloudy breezy morning here this morning, hopefully the showers we were forecast get blown over with this breeze.. We've got a pleasant forecast high of 23 degrees today.
Day 8 of fine weather, I'm glad to see the forecast was wrong, we were supposed to get a cook and overcast day, but it's already 16 degrees and not long gone 9.00 a.m... Hopefully we'll get a repeat of yesterdays weather, minus the breeze of course..
Nine days of sun today, it's a welcome change after the winter we've just had, this old fella isn't complaining though, it's nice being warm after 7 months of cold wet weather.. It'll only be 20 degrees today, that's nice after seeing days of 8 degrees without the wind chill taken off..
Another nice day here, spring may have been a month late, but it's now making up for it with nice days, hopefully thenights will get warmer soon too.. We've got a forecast high of 19 degrees today..
Day 11 of fine warm weather, the nights are still a bit chilly, that's okay as long as we keep getting these nice spring time days.. Heading for a 20 degree high today..
A little cloudy at present, it may well burn off soon once it gets warmer, I hope so anyway.. We've got a forecast hig of 23 degrees today..
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