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Full Version: What's for kai today?
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Sheooerds pie and leftover veges, I mat py a little grated cheese on top too..
Bubble and squeek with nice runny eggs on top..
Chicken satay later, made this a bit mild for some reasin so I'll add some satay sauce to get it humming..
Corned beef with a nice strong mustard sauce wich I'll make shortly with some of the water from the ctockpot.
Having a nice stodgt mac cheese later with the usual bacon, myshrooms, tomato and a load of cheese..
Corned beef and potato hash browns wirh bacon and ehhs, may have mushrooms and tomatoes too..
Roast beef wih all the trimmings, rice pud for desert..
Looks like bubble and squeek with some bacon and runny eggs, there's a nive piece of hummingbird cake for afyers too..
Made a cottage pie out of the weejends roast beef, II thimj there's some carrot caje left, so that's for afters..
Found a chic satau meal I made in back of the freezer, seeing I dated iy I know it;s safe to eat, got a piece of hummingbird cake for afters too..
Got a nice big stew in the crovlpot, just added veges to it and did the potatoes ready to cooh// Carrot cakes in the oven and the icings made and in the fridge..
Just made some chic kievs and did the veges so all ready to cooh now, I may have some of the carrot cake I made yesterday for afters too..
I just found a corned beef meal I put in the freezer a few days ago, so will have that seeing I'm feeling lazy today, may have a piece of the himmingbird cake on the oven too..
Hood quality kiwi lamb is in the oven and the veges are ready to cook, gor mint jelly made and ready too, no pud today, I'm trying to cut down ob the sweet stuff..
I was going to have shepperds pie todau, but after making it I deceded to have bacab abd egg sammies, I'll put the shepperds pie in tge fridge ntil romorrow once it's properly xooled down..
Mase a mac cheese for today and cooked the shepperds pie and froze it in meal size lots for whenecer..
I enjoyed yesterdays mac cheese so much I'm having the second dish I nade today, I was going to freeze it and have chic crfdo bleau today, goyya love mac cheese when it has real bacon abd such ib it..
Hot a nice stew in rge crodjpot, gust added veges to it and did the potatoes ready to ciik..
Got a nice big nit of terakahi ready for lunch, having home made chips and coleslaw with it.. num nom..
Pork and plum casseroles in the crockpot and almost readu, veges ready to vook, got a berry and apple crumbke in the oben, carrot cake will get baked after that, custard and icing ready to makwe or add..
Roast beef with all the trimmings later, it's already slow coojing and the veges are ready to go, got leftover berry and apple crumble and custard for if U have roon for it..
Cottahe pie and leftover roast veges, I may have sone carrot cake too..
I just got a kilo of nice middle bacon and some white bread, so bacon sammies it is today, I may have a nice runny egg in each too.. Smile nom nom..
I feel like having more vacon sammies but have now made a nice ma cheese with babon onion, mushtooms and onatoes.
Corned beef with lots of mustard sauce, veges are done and corned beef is in the crockpot..
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