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Full Version: What's for kai today?
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Mac chwwse again..
I was hoinh to have the corned beef in the fridge but it's suvj a dull, cold wet dau I'm having some of the stew cooking in the crovkpot instead, just have to do mashed potato..
Maomg xhivjen satay meals to n put in the freezer so I'll hold some back for dinne..
Rpast beef is cooking, veges are ready to vook and horseradish sauce is made, just habe to do rge Yorkshire pud..
Cottage pie with some cheese on top and leftover beges from yesterday..
Bacon sammies shortly, I may do a couple of eggs if I can wait..
Bubble and squeek with bacon and runny eggs..
Got a nice big [oece of fush, so it'll get poached later, veges are readu and carrot cakes cooking away in the oben, just have to do the icing..
Poek and plum casserole just about ready in the crockpot, then there's some berry and apple crumble cooking in the oven, just have to make custard..
Just finished making a home made pizza, real Italian strlr too, all it needs is cooking, may have a piece of carrot cake for afyers too..
Roast kamb is un the oven, the neges and mi================= mint jelly are ready and there's some berry and apple crumble and custard for pud if I have room for it, lol..
Bubbke and squeek with bacon and nice runny fried eggs.. num num..
Got sone leftover stew out of the freezer, seeing it has veges in it all I have to do is some cheesy mashed potato..
Got a nice mac xheese ready to pit in the oven..
Mac cheese again, with bacon, mushrooms and tomato, and extra cheese..
Getting fish and chips dropped off for lunxh, some nice terekigi too, num num..
Just made a couple of chichen kievs, will prep the beges shortly,, Carrot cakes in the oven and icings ready for it too..
Roast lambis cooking, as is the pud, yhe veges are ready to cook too, mint jelly is made..
Bacon and egg sammies and a piece of carrot cake for afters..
Bubble and sdqueek with some bacon and eggs..
I found a roast beef meal I put in the freezer a week or so ago ao will have it later, better make some horseradish sauce I guess..
Got pork and plum casserole in the crockpoy, veges are reay to cook, casserole smells good too, not sure I can wait for lunch time, lol..
Made a nicw mac cheese with nacon, mushroon, tomato and a load of grated cheese..
Put a few pork and plym meals in the freezer the other day, so having one today..
Had to toss up between roast beef or lamb, the lamb won so it;s in the oven and veges are ready to vook, mints in for the mint jelly and rosemay is on the lamb..
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